Sweetleaf (Stevia Rebaudiana) 10 seeds (#1355)

Approximately 10-15 seeds in 0,01g packet.
While Europeans and North Americans focused their needs for sweetness in honey and sugarcane, native peoples in South America were adding stevia leaves to the beverage mate for centuries. Also called sweet-herb-of-Paraguay, sweetleaf and candyleaf, stevia's foliage is filled with glycosides that lack calories and are up to 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. This frost-tender evergreen subshrub is native from the American Southwest to Paraguay. However, it is grown in gardens as a tender herbaceous perennial that is killed by severe winter cold.
Stevia leaves are medium to dark green and are long and tongue-like. The leaf margins are mildly jagged or scalloped. In mid- to late summer, the leaf-lined stems elongate to produce airy clusters of tiny white blossoms, each with five petal lobes. Insects are pollinators and lead to seed production.
Grow it in the annual herb garden or in a container, which allows you to overwinter it indoors and harvest leaves year round. In tropical regions, cut the plant back hard twice annual to produce bushier plants with increased foliage. Use either fresh green leaves or dry, pulverized or "powdered" leaves to sweeten drinks, salads and other foods.
All stevias has a low germination rate. We recommend it to start warm inside with a short cold/moist period.
Information source: http://www.learn2grow.com/plants/stevia-rebaudiana/

Genus - Stevia
Species - Rebaudiana
Common name - Sweetleaf
Pre-Treatment - Not-required, but recommended
Hardiness zones - 4 - 12
Height - 0,50 - 0,80 m
Spread - 0,40 - 0,70 m
Plant type - Perennial herb in warm climates
Exposure - Partial Sun, Partial Sun
Growth rate - Fast
Soil PH - Acid, neutral
Soil type - Loam, Sand
Water requirements - Average, high
Landscape uses - Bedding Plant, Container, Edible, Herb/Vegetable, Houseplant, Tropical
Bloom season - Summer, Late Summer
Leaf / Flower color - Green / White

Short cold and moist stratification recommended (~2 weeks).
Sow seeds in spring in a warm greenhouse, do not cover the seeds. Make sure the compost does not dry out.
Prick out the seedlings into individual pots and grow them on fast, planting them out after the last expected frosts. It could be worthwhile giving them some protection such as a cloche or cold frame for a few weeks after planting them out until they are growing away well.

Sweetleaf (Stevia Rebaudiana) 10 seeds (#1355)

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