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Scarlet Sage (Salvia Superba mix) 50 seeds (#1702)

Salvia lights up the garden with its beautiful spires of violet-blue and amethyst-rose flowers throu..

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Scot's Heather (Calluna Vulgaris Heidekraut) 500 seeds (#2039)

Heather is a small, evergreen shrub most associated with the open, acidic moorlands of northern Euro..

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Sedum (Sedum yellow) 100 seeds (#1014)

Sedum is a perennial with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers..

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Serbian Bellflower (Campanula Poscharskyana) 200 seeds (#1700)

Campanula poscharskyana, commonly called Serbian bellflower, is a prostrate, sprawling perennial whi..

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Siberian Wallflower (Erysimum Allionii orange) 120 seeds (#1607)

An eye-catching plant in every springbed with its bright colours and long flowering time.A multi-bra..

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Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus Maximum Giant mix) 200 seeds (#1201)

Rust resistant Giant Mix.No cottage garden should be without tall snapdragons. The beautiful colors ..

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Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus Sachmo) 750 seeds (#1439)

Vibrant, open trumpet shaped flowers for beds and bordersEnchanting open trumpet-shaped flowers in v..

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Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus Semi Tall mix) 200 seeds (#1161)

Popular, long flowering cut flower.No cottage garden should be without tall snapdragons. The beautif..

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Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus Tom Thumb Mix) 1500 seeds (#1434)

Commonly grown as an annual, a dwarf, compact mix with true snapdragon flowers in a wide range of br..

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Snapdragon Red (Antirrhinum Majus Max Liebesglut) 200 seeds (#899)

No cottage garden should be without tall snapdragons. The beautiful red color in this blend will add..

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Snowberry (Symphoricarpos Albus) 25 seeds (#209)

Resembling popcorn, the abundant clustered white fruits of this small deciduous shrub accompany the ..

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Southern arrowwood (Viburnum Dentatum) 20 seeds (#434) -33%

Southern arrowwood (Viburnum Dentatum) 20 seeds (#434)

Hardy and reliable, arrowwood is a useful medium-sized to large deciduous shrub that is amenable to ..

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Spreading Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster Divaricatus) 30 seeds (#446) -48%

Spreading Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster Divaricatus) 30 seeds (#446)

This upright deciduous shrub is notable for a display of red berries and vibrant red-purple leaves i..

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Stock (Matthiola Incana Hot Cakes) 50 seeds (#1675)

Fragrant and selectable for double flowers.Great for cutting, bedding and containers. Use the fragra..

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Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus Autumn Beauty) 40 seeds (#1212)

Vigorous and fast growing plant. A nice-eye catcher and visual protection on fences..They are used f..

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Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus Black Magic) 20 seeds (#1638)

Easy to grow F1 Hybrid. One of the darkest maroon, multi-branching sunflowers available in the marke..

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The tall airy Macedonian scabious is a big bold perennial that originates from Central Europe. T..
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Bottle gourd (aka calabash) is an annual, vining member of the squash family that is widely cult..
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A very ornamental plant, which flowers are very attractive to butterflies. A fast-growing Mexica..
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Very attractive and compact (grows up to 30 cm in height) with lots of white beautiful flowers. ..
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Approximately 100 seeds in 0.5g packet.Lovely, bright summer plants, perfect for bedding and con..
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