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Larkspur (Delphinium Consolida ambigua Frosted Skies) 100 seeds (#2000)

Cool, eye-catching bicolour flowers which are easy to grow. The tall spikes are perfect for the clas..

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Larkspur (Delphinium Consolida ambigua Giant Imperial Mixed) 300 seeds (#1991)

Easy to grow 'cottage garden' flowers. Superb cut and dried.Pretty columns of delicate flowers above..

Ex Tax: 1.25€

Larkspur (Delphinium Grandiflorum Blue) 200 seeds (#1603)

Approximately 200 seeds in 0,5g packet.A low-growing perennial which produces loose sprays of vivid,..

Ex Tax: 1.15€

Leather Leaf Viburnum (Viburnum Rhytidophyllum) 25 seeds (#325)

Leatherleaf viburnum is an upright broadleaf evergreen that adds interest to many shaded parts of t..

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Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) 100 seeds (#1133)

The lemony leaves of lemonbalm are fragrant and wonderful. It is grown exclusively as an herb and it..

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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) 30 seeds (#977)

A sticky, perennial herb with underground stems (rhizomes). The hairy stems are upright, growing to ..

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Love-In-A-Mist (Nigella Papillosa Delft Blue) 200 seeds (#1556)

An easy to grow annual plant with delicate blue and white blooms from June to September. Flowering i..

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Macedonian Scabious (Knautia Macedonica) 50 seeds (#1382)

The tall airy Macedonian scabious is a big bold perennial that originates from Central Europe. This ..

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Marjoram (Origanum Marjorana Blattmojaran) 600 seeds (#1128)

Majoram is a popular seasoning for sausages and meat. It makes fat food more easily digestible.Major..

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Meadow Cranesbill (Geranium Pratense Hardy Mixed) 15 seeds (#1394)

Hardy geraniums are a long lived, 'cottage garden' classicA clump forming, free flowering mixture of..

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Mustard Spinach (Brassica Juncea Red Frills) 350 seeds (#1580)

Easy and fast growing, the baby leaves add colour and heat to salads. Larger leaves become more inte..

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Paeony Poppy (Papaver Somniferum flowered mix) 2000 seeds (#1044)

This poppy is a very ornamental plant that is often cultivated in the flower garden. In cool tempera..

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Painted nettle (Coleus Blumei Wizard Scarlet) 25 seeds (#1468)

These fast growing plants can easily be grown outdoors as an annual, in beds or mixed containers, or..

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Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Adonis) 200 seeds (#1419)

Approximately 150 seeds in 0.4g packet.Grown as a biennial plant. These pansies blooms from April to..

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Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Celestial Blue) 300 seeds (#1444)

Most popular plant for bedding and in groups with extensive colour effects. Also used for plantings ..

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Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Orange Eye) 100 seeds (#1448)

Most popular plant for bedding and in groups with extensive colour effects. Also used for plantings ..

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Pollen-free baby sunflowers, fantastic for patio pots or the front of beds or borders. Easy to g..
Ex Tax: 1.65€
The broad-spreading habit and handsome bark of this medium-sized evergreen recall those of Japan..
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Approximately 50 seeds in 0,3g packet.A half hardy annual, flowers the same year as sown.Sizzlin..
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A native of western China, Chinese firethorn is an upright, evergreen shrub planted for heavy cr..
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Mid to late summer finds the tall Maryland senna producing glorious clusters of yellow flowers, ..
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