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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1704
Campion is a short-lived perennial native to southeastern Europe. It is grown for its old-fashioned, small, flat, white, rose or red flowers. The flowers appear in late spring or summer on tall branching stems above basal clumps of downy, silver-gray leaves.Grow campion in full sun to light shade in..
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Model ID: #792
The largest Old World pine, this Canary Islands native makes a striking evergreen tree for gardens with ample space and minimal frost.This cold-tender pine bears exceptionally long needles in bundles of three. Young plant have blue-green needles; older plants have bright green foliage. In spring, tr..
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This decorative plant grows to a height of 30 cm. Mix of pink, rose, white flowers. Candytuft makes a great cutflower. Cut the flowers when well-formed but not overmature early in the day and soak in water immediately. It tolerates a wide range of climatic conditions but needs a sunny location and w..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1378
Popular traditional cottage garden plant.Campanula medium, commonly called Canterbury bells, is a biennial flower that originates from western Europe. In late spring to early summer, clumps of medium green basal foliage put forth tall leafy stems lined with large cup-shaped bells of blue, purple, wh..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #994
Daisy like white, yellow and orange flowers will make any garden and composition attractive!Venidium fastuosum, commonly known as the cape daisy, is an ornamental plant native to South Africa and initially grown from seeds. Cape daisy blooms from July to October, including white, yellow and orange.T..
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Approximately 400 seeds in the packet (for 6-8 meters bed).Caraway is a well-known herb that has been cultivated for its culinary and medicinal uses since ancient times. It is frequently cultivated in the modern herb garden and sometimes also commerciallyThe use of herbal remedies, including the her..
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Attractive biennial cut flower with delicately lined blooms.Blooms in profusion. Long lasting with sweet scent. Genus - Dianthus Species - Caryophyllus Variety - Double Mix Common name - Carnation Pre-Treatment - Not-required Hardiness zones - 4 - 8 Height - 0,60 m Spread - 0,30 m Plant t..
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Model ID: #105
The carob tree offers deep shade for warm, dry climates. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean where winters are mild and wet and succeeded by a very long, dry season. Adapted to poor, rocky ground that is well drained, it solves a landscaping challenge in the sandy-gravelly soils of desert gard..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1008
The free-flowering aubrieta adds a colorful sweep to sunny borders. This mat-forming, semi-evergreen perennial becomes clothed in flowers in spring to early summer. Its blooming period lasts for an average of three weeks, sometimes even a month. The pretty violet-blue, pink shaded flowers play beaut..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #976
Beautiful, large bell shaped flowers turn from bright green to a deep rich purple. Stunning when used to clothe walls, fences and pergolas. Usually grown as an annual.A vigorous vine and hard to ignore in the landscape. Although Cobaea takes awhile to start blooming, the vine itself will quickly mak..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #920
Nepeta cataria is the true catnip that is loved by house cats. Although native to Europe and Asia, it has over time naturalized in many areas around the world, including much of southern Canada and the U. S.Catnip typically grows in a spreading clump to 60-90 cm tall. Erect, branched, square, grayis..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1901
'Grand View' - selection of beautiful, impressive flowers in a variety of colors. This perennial medicinal herb grows up to 40-60 cm tall and 30-70 cm wide.Showy spikes of bell-shaped, deep violet, violet-blue, blue or pink flowers (to 5 cm long) with maroon spots bloom in dense false whorls atop sq..
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