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Winter Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Swiss Giants Red) 60 seeds (#1614)

Most popular plant for bedding and in groups with extensive colour effects. Also used for plantings ..

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Winter Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Yellow with Eye) 120 seeds (#1316) -29%

Winter Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Yellow with Eye) 120 seeds (#1316)

Early winter-flowering pansy series with upright habit. For containers and field production for fall..

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Ex Tax: 1.41€

Winter Savory (Satureja Montana) 200 seeds (#927)

Winter savory (Satureja montana) is a perennial herb, native to warm temperate regions of southern E..

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Woolly Yarrow (Achillea Tomentosa Aurea) 400 seeds (#2050)

Achillea tomentosa, commonly known as woolly yarrow, is an evergreen, mat-forming perennial that typ..

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Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium Summer Berries) 50 seeds (#1387)

A delightful, easy to grow mix of rich colours perfect for borders and cutting.These plants naturall..

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Small specimen tree or shrub for location around residential homes. Shrub borders. Group as a sh..
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Exotic, star shaped lily-like flowers create an exciting display, just when other perennials beg..
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Easy and fast growing with delivcately scented white flowers which deepen to rose as they mature..
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Flowering Dogwood (Cornus Florida) 10 seeds (#549) SOLD OUT
Popular as a specimen or small grouping on residential property around homes, near patios or in ..
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Cercis siliquastrum, commonly known as the Judas tree, is a small deciduous tree from Southern E..
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