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Resembling popcorn, the abundant clustered white fruits of this small deciduous shrub accompany the fuzzy medium-green leaves from late summer into winter, remaining for several weeks after leaf drop. The dense twiggy stems of this western North American native sucker to form a low upright thicketin..
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A decidious Shrub growing to 5m. It is hardy to zone 5 and is not frost tender. It is in flower in May, and the seeds ripen in July. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees. The plant is self-fertile. Prefers a rich loamy soil in a sunny position o..
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Hardy and reliable, arrowwood is a useful medium-sized to large deciduous shrub that is amenable to many growing conditions and soil types. This native of the eastern United States has straight upright stems, a rounded habit, and distinctive dark green, coarsely toothed leaves that turn shades of ye..
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The Southern Catalpa (Catalpa Bignonioides) is generally described as a perennial tree. This dicot (dicotyledon) is native to the U.S. (United States) has its most active growth period in the spring.It has green foliage and inconspicuous white flowers, with a moderate amount of conspicuous green fru..
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Abies pinsapo (Spanish fir) is a species of fir native to southern Spain and northern Morocco. Related to other species of Mediterranean firs, it is considered the Andalusian National Tree, and is native to the Andalusian mountains. Abies pinsapo is an evergreen tree growing to 20–30 m tall, with a ..
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This upright deciduous shrub is notable for a display of red berries and vibrant red-purple leaves in autumn. The many upright branches of this native of central and western China bear dark green glossy leaves. In very late spring or early summer, scores of tiny, pinkish white flowers line the branc..
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Stone pine is native to the northern Mediterranean coastal region (Southern Europe to Turkey and Lebanon). In the Mediterranean area, edible pine nuts from this pine have been harvested since prehistoric times. Pine nuts may be eaten raw or roasted, and may be added to a variety of culinary dishes. ..
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This is a small, tropical semi-deciduous tree, named and grown for its unusual, delicious fruits called sugar apples, sweetsops or custard apples. They have a thick rind divided into knobby segments that separate when the fruit ripens to reveal conical, creamy-white segments of sweet, fragrant flesh..
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This is a tough shade tree that grows in a wide range of soils. This tree may be used as a lawn tree or street tree. Sugarberry is basically a southern version of common or northern hackberry (Celtis occidentalis). Sugarberry differs from common hackberry inter alia by fruits are juicier and sweeter..
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Protected variety.Annual herb, very popular and often grown for different purposes.Produces 15% more leaves with a very high content of essential oils.It is an old-fashioned, mild culinary herb that cooks have used for centuries. Savory is used medicinally to treat digestive problems, has a rich tas..
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Annual herb, very popular and often grown for different purposes:For flavouring green beans, pickling cucumbers, sauces, mushroom dishes.Use the fresh herb durinf start of flowering or dried plant parts.Hoishold remedy against cough and mucous congestion of respiratory system, stimulant to digestion..
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This sweet cherry is among the most universally enjoyed of all tree fruits. It is believed to have originated from a region between the Black and Caspian Seas in Asia Minor. The Greeks and Romans popularized the fruits through heavy cultivation and planted the trees throughout their ancient empires...
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