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Japanese pieris (Pieris Japonica) 50 seeds (#78) -32%

Japanese pieris (Pieris Japonica) 50 seeds (#78)

Pieris japonica is an evergreen shrub with an upright spreading habit. Its dark green leathery leave..

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Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles Japonica) 20 seeds (#21)

Admired for its beautiful spring blooms, Japanese flowering quince is a spiny, compact to medium-siz..

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Japanese Thornless Quince (Chaenomeles Japonica) 20 seeds (#618)

Admired for its beautiful spring blooms, Japanese flowering quince is a spiny, compact to medium-siz..

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Judas Tree (Cercis Siliquastrum) 25 seeds (#20)

Cercis siliquastrum, commonly known as the Judas tree, is a small deciduous tree from Southern Europ..

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Korean Dogwood (Cornus Coreana) 30 seeds (#738)

One of the most beautiful trees.Deciduous shrub or small tree native to eastern Asia in Korea and mu..

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Laurustinus (Viburnum Tinus) 10 seeds (#547)

Viburnum tinus is an evergreen shrub that is easy to grow and adds interest to the garden all year r..

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Leather Leaf Viburnum (Viburnum Rhytidophyllum) 25 seeds (#325)

Leatherleaf viburnum is an upright broadleaf evergreen that adds interest to many shaded parts of t..

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Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) 30 seeds (#148)

The fragrance of an old-fashioned lilac in bloom is aromatherapy at its finest. European in origin, ..

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Many-flowered Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster Multiflorus) 10 seeds (#764)

These taller cotoneaster are less common in landscapes, but are occasionally planted for their attra..

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Medlar (Mespilus Germanica) 10 seeds (#40) SOLD OUT

Medlar (Mespilus Germanica) 10 seeds (#40)

The common Medlar (Mespilus germanica) is a slow growing, large deciduous shrub or small tree growin..

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Mountain Pieris (Pieris Floribunda) 50 seeds (#665)

Mountain pieris is a compact broadleaf evergreen that is covered with beautiful white upright flower..

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Myrtle (Myrtus Communis) 15 seeds (#1679)

This beautiful evergreen shrub or small tree offers beauty, fragrance and drought resistance for mil..

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Nanking Cherry (Prunus Tomentosa) 10 seeds (#172)

A dense medium-sized deciduous shrub valued for its cold-hardiness and its early bloom, this Asian n..

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Ninebark (Physocarpus Opulifolius Darts Gold) 50 seeds (#582)

Beautiful golden foliage makes this compact ninebark especially appealing. The pretty 'Dart's Gold' ..

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Nipple Fruit (Solanum Mammosum) 7 seeds (#1867)

Usually grown as an ornamental for its unique fruits. The plant also has a few medicinal properties...

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Northern White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis) 100 seeds (#16)

It is likely that no native American evergreen is more prevalent in the North American landscape. Ar..

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The bright white blooms of perennial candytuft add old-fashioned charm to spring borders. Narrow..
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Smilax aspera is an evergreen Climber growing to 3 m. It is hardy to zone 7. Flowers from August..
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This diminutive cosmos packs a punch with multitudes of brilliant yellow blooms displayed atop e..
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Aromatic, deep red-purple leaves, wonderful to add color to salads, pasta and pizza. A colorful ..
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Brand new and high quality plastic plant labels / tags for gardening (plants, trees, flowers).Wa..
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