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The Paulownia Shan Tong is the best hybrid between species Paulownia tomentosa and Paulownia fortunei from China.It combines the best advantages of different Paulownia varieties: - very fast and straight growing - 2-5 meters per year or 100 tons of biomass per hectare in 3 years. Within 8-10 years a..
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Siberian peashrub is an upright, oval deciduous shrub with sparse, thorned branches native to eastern Asia. Fine-textured leaves are light green in spring and summer and briefly yellow-green in fall. Yellow flowers appear in spring followed by tan seed pods in autumn.Siberian peashrub tolerates poor..
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Attracting both birds and human eyes with its white and blue-violet fruits, silky dogwood is a great plant for a variety of soils and light exposures. This multistemmed deciduous shrub may vigorously become a rounded plant but with spreading branches. It is native to the extreme eastern United State..
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Though pretty, Persian silktree is weak, fast-growing, invasive and short-lived. It is a small to medium-sized, hardy, deciduous tree native to central and eastern Asia, which has become naturalized in temperate regions globally. In the United States it has become naturalized in areas from Californi..
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Russian vine is a rampant, deciduous, woody vine that produces a profusion of small white flowers in summer and fall. Hailing from Afghanistan, Pakistan and nearby surrounds in central Asia, it likes to spread via rhizomes, or its underground stems. This twiner has glossy, mid-green, heart-shaped le..
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Russian olive is a large deciduous shrub or small tree that's remarkably hardy and beautiful but known to be invasive. It is native to southern Europe, Russia, central Asia and parts of China where it inhabits coastal regions, lake shores, dry river beds and mountainous areas. It has also become nat..
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A popular snakebark maple for small gardens, since it grows rapidly in its early years and then settles down to relatively slow expansion, and may be pruned in winter to size. An established tree is unmistakable, with its upright branches making a slim silhouette, while the green bark is striped con..
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Resembling popcorn, the abundant clustered white fruits of this small deciduous shrub accompany the fuzzy medium-green leaves from late summer into winter, remaining for several weeks after leaf drop. The dense twiggy stems of this western North American native sucker to form a low upright thicketin..
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Hardy and reliable, arrowwood is a useful medium-sized to large deciduous shrub that is amenable to many growing conditions and soil types. This native of the eastern United States has straight upright stems, a rounded habit, and distinctive dark green, coarsely toothed leaves that turn shades of ye..
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The Southern Catalpa (Catalpa Bignonioides) is generally described as a perennial tree. This dicot (dicotyledon) is native to the U.S. (United States) has its most active growth period in the spring.It has green foliage and inconspicuous white flowers, with a moderate amount of conspicuous green fru..
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This upright deciduous shrub is notable for a display of red berries and vibrant red-purple leaves in autumn. The many upright branches of this native of central and western China bear dark green glossy leaves. In very late spring or early summer, scores of tiny, pinkish white flowers line the branc..
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This is a small, tropical semi-deciduous tree, named and grown for its unusual, delicious fruits called sugar apples, sweetsops or custard apples. They have a thick rind divided into knobby segments that separate when the fruit ripens to reveal conical, creamy-white segments of sweet, fragrant flesh..
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