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A close relative of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), this medium to tall evergreen tree inhabits the mountains of western North America. It is the state tree of Idaho. The long, supple, blue-green needles of this pine occur in bundles of five on reddish-brown, hairy branchlets that age to deep br..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1051
Enormous rhubarb-like leaves rise from the ground on thick, thorny stalks. Often seen in large gardens and parks, particularly at the West Coast. A bold feature plant for the waterside. Large cone-like heads of green flowers appear in summer. Must have a mild-winter climate to survive outside, other..
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A member of the witchhazel family, this medium-sized, broadleaf evergreen shrub is native to Japan and China. Fragrant, spider-like, white flowers appear in late winter and early spring and sporadically at other seasons. The arching, spherical habit and rich green rounded leaves are attractive year-..
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This majestic evergreen conifer is the tallest tree in America and popular for landscaping in the far western United States. Famous for its red, rot-resistant wood, it is native to the Pacific Coast of northern California and extreme southern Oregon. It rapidly develops a tall, narrow, pyramidal hab..
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Crapemyrtle is a heat-loving, summer flowering shrub to small tree that originates from China. It is best known for its large clusters of brightly colored blooms that appear at its branch tips. These dazzling flowers can be in shades of white, red, purple or pink, depending on the cultivar (of which..
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This deciduous conifer is a fast-growing, imposing relative of the redwood. Native to China, it was known only from the fossil record until a few trees were discovered in 1944 and identified in 1948. Today it is grown and loved the world over for its feathery foliage, muscular trunk and magnificent,..
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Deodar cedar is among the world’s most elegant and stately of evergreen conifers. This western Himalayan native tree has fast growth and develops a broad, pyramidal habit. Its dense branches are covered in green to blue-green needles. The branch tips often dangle softly downward, giving the entire t..
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Downy birch (Betula pubescens) is a fast-growing and relatively small deciduous tree. Although quite similar to silver birch (Betula pendula), downy birch is distinguished by its hairy leaves and shoots.The species’ native range overlaps with that of the silver birch, but reaches further north and e..
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Valued as a landscape and lumber tree, white pine is a stately, fast-growing evergreen with supple green needles and dark grayish brown bark. It is distributed across the eastern half of North America, from Newfoundland to Georgia, and grows best in open, upland areas with well-drained soils. Mature..
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Brand: Benary (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #2076
An interesting ornamental plant with tropical flair, but it is not expected to produce fruit and will require considerable maintenance. In colder climate zones plants will not survive winter outdoors. It should be grown in containers and moved to greenhouses, in containers (overwinter indoors) or as..
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Betula ermanii is a graceful medium-sized birch with peeling creamy bark on the trunk, delicately touched with copper-pink tones, and papery brown bark on the branches.It is an extremely variable species and can be found in Northeast China, Korea, Japan, and Russian Far East (Kuril Islands, Sakhalin..
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European Hop Hornbeam is a close relative of the common Hornbeam and is native to southern Europe. It gets its common name from the seed clusters that hang down like bunches of hops.A fairly quick growing tree which will reach 15m (50'), upright when young then spreading to become very broad. Both..
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