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Grey Snakebark Maple (Acer Rufinerve) 15 seeds (#528)

Lovely in all seasons, this small to medium-sized deciduous maple from Japan offers a compact rounde..

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Gum Arabic Tree (Acacia Arabica) 10 seeds (#171) -30%

Gum Arabic Tree (Acacia Arabica) 10 seeds (#171)

It is a tree 5-20 m high with a dense spheric crown, stems and branches usually dark to black colour..

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Ex Tax: 0.76€
Hackberry (Celtis Occidentalis) 20 seeds (#356) SOLD OUT

Hackberry (Celtis Occidentalis) 20 seeds (#356)

Common hackberry is a deciduous shade tree native to the eastern United States nad extreme southern ..

Ex Tax: 0.99€

Hedge Maple (Acer Campestre) 30 seeds (#255)

Tolerant of shearing, pollarding and hard pruning, hedge maple is a densely branched deciduous tree ..

Ex Tax: 0.75€
Henry Maple (Acer Henryi) 25 seeds (#565) SOLD OUT

Henry Maple (Acer Henryi) 25 seeds (#565)

Henry's maple is a somewhat small deciduous shade tree that has wonderful fall color and a very attr..

Ex Tax: 0.79€

High Bush Cranberry (Viburnum Trilobum) 20 seeds (#293)

It is a deciduous shrub growing to 4-5 m tall. The bark is gray and rough and has a scaly texture. T..

Ex Tax: 1.09€

Himalayan Blue Pine (Pinus Wallichiana griffithi) 10 seeds (#355)

This medium to large evergreen tree from the Himalayas is most notable for its long needles, which c..

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Himalayan Fir (Abies Pindrow) 10 seeds (#331)

An evergreen Tree growing to 30m at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone 8 and is frost tender. It is in..

Ex Tax: 0.99€
Himalayan Hawthorn (Crataegus Pyracantha Crenulata) 30 seeds (#321) -39%

Himalayan Hawthorn (Crataegus Pyracantha Crenulata) 30 seeds (#321)

Pyracantha crenulata or Crataegus Crenulata is a species of Firethorn. It is cultivated as an orname..

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Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) 30 seeds (#189) -39%

Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) 30 seeds (#189)

A sacred tree in its native Japan, this coniferous evergreen forms a handsome broadly conical specim..

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Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea Giant Single Mixed) 65 seeds (#2079)

Hollyhock is a tall, short-lived, herbaceous perennial native to western Asia. In summer, large rose..

Ex Tax: 1.35€
Hydrangea Oakleafed (Hydrangea Quercifolia) 100 seeds (#735) -22%

Hydrangea Oakleafed (Hydrangea Quercifolia) 100 seeds (#735)

Hydrangea quercifolia, commonly known by its translation oakleaf hydrangea or oak-leaved hydrangea, ..

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Japanese Barberry (Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea) 30 seeds (#260)

Purpleleaf Japanese barberry is a dense, vase-shaped shrub that originates from eastern Asia. It has..

Ex Tax: 0.75€

Japanese Black Pine (Pinus Thunbergii) 20 seeds (#195)

Japanese black pine, a native of eastern Asia, is an evergreen tree with stiff, dark green, twisted ..

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Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria Japonica) 30 seeds (#224)

The tall, regal Japanese cedar is a lovely needled evergreen tree native to the open forests of Chin..

Ex Tax: 0.79€

Japanese Cornelian Cherry (Cornus Officinalis) 10 seeds (#810)

Japanese cornelian cherry is a late winter flowering shrub that produces tiny clusters of sunny yell..

Ex Tax: 1.19€
This annual, richly flowering summer plant is ideal for balcony containers and hanging baskets.V..
Ex Tax: 1.15€
Very attractive and compact (grows up to 25 cm in height) with lots of red beautiful flowers. A ..
Ex Tax: 1.29€
The fragrance of an old-fashioned lilac in bloom is aromatherapy at its finest. European in orig..
Ex Tax: 0.89€
Bearing starry white or pink flowers that are larger than those of florist's baby's breath, this..
Ex Tax: 0.99€
Nordman fir is a striking evergreen tree that originates from Asia Minor along the southern reac..
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