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Cupressus funebris is a medium-sized coniferous tree growing to 20-35 m tall, with a trunk up to 2 m diameter. The foliage grows in dense, usually moderately decumbent and pendulous sprays of bright green, very slender, slightly flattened shoots.The leaves are scale-like, 1-2 mm long, up to 5 mm lon..
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This medium-sized evergreen tree from Asian uplands is notable for its long, handsome pine needles and cones. It occurs primarily in western and central China, with scattered populations in other parts of Asia.The long, supple, bright green needles of this pine are held in bundles of five. The needl..
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Paliurus spina-christi, commonly known as Jerusalem Thorn, Garland Thorn, Christ's Thorn, or Crown of Thorns, is a species of Paliurus native to the Mediterranean region and southwest and central Asia, from Morocco and Spain east to Iran and Tajikistan.It is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing t..
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Prairie rose is a spreading, Missouri-native shrub (to 4' tall) or climber (to 15' tall with support) which typically occurs in moist soils along streams, in prairie thickets, along roads, fencerows, and in clearings throughout the State. Features deep pink, single (5-petaled) flowers (to 2.5" acros..
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Flavor your home brew of gin with the fleshy cones of the common juniper. Found in a wide array of habitats across northern Asia, Europe and North America, the common juniper also is a highly variable plant, ranging from low shrubs to upright, multitrunked, narrow trees. It is the most widely distri..
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Despite the common name, Cornelian cherry is actually a dogwood. This deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub to small tree can become quite large with age. It is native to the woods of Europe and western Asian, and is one of the earliest shrubs to bloom there. Its small, yellow flowers appear in late winter..
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Grown commercially for its tart red berries, this creeping broadleaf evergreen shrub from eastern North America also makes an excellent plant for the culinary or ornamental garden. The prostrate stems root at the nodes to eventually form large mats of narrow dark-green leaves which turn bronze or re..
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Named and grown for its fuzzy spikes of bright red flowers, crimson bottlebrush is a large, spreading, evergreen shrub or small tree native to eastern Australia. It has stiff, flat, narrow, lance-shaped, green leaves which are coppery colored when young and which emit a lemony aroma when crushed. Th..
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Dahurian larch is a deciduous conifer that is native to northeastern Siberia. Bright green needles turn yellow in fall before falling to the ground. This is a tree of very cold climates, ranging northward inside the Arctic Circle to tree line. In the wild, it grows to 12-18 m (40-60') tall with a br..
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One of a number of maples renowned for their handsome white-striped green bark, this small deciduous tree is native to central China. A variable plant, it has an arching or upright, dense or open habit, and small to large, toothed, sometimes shallowly lobed leaves. Fall color may be brilliant or dul..
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Ceanothus integerrimus is a deciduous shrub from 1–4 metres (3.3–13 ft) tall with an open ascending to erect branch habit. It is a drought-tolerant phanerophyte. Nitrogen fixing actinomycete bacteria form root nodules on Ceanothus roots. Its stems are round yellow to a pale green in color with eithe..
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Picea retroflexa is a species of conifer in the Pinaceae family. It is found only in China.Rare from China, this large conifer sports stiff green to blue needles in a brush-like arrangement and exfoliating grey bark.Bonsai suitable. Deer Resistant.Likes abundant moisture at the roots, if grown in dr..
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