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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1406
A large and imposing plant for the back of the border.Native to Mexico and Central America, Mexican sunflower is a vigorous annual that typically grows in a single season to 1 m tall. Showy sunflowers (to 8-10 cm across) with orange to orange-red rays and orange-yellow disks bloom from mid-summer to..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1040
Approximately 60 seeds in 0.3g packet.Canary yellow, mildly fragrant, 6-8 cm wide flowers are produced in great numbers over dark green, lanceolate leaves from early thru midsummer. Following the substantial blooms, 5-8 cm long, 4-winged seed pods are produced which are beautiful in dried floral arr..
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Model ID: #582
Beautiful golden foliage makes this compact ninebark especially appealing. The pretty 'Dart's Gold' has brighter new leaves that are more enduring than those of the other popular yellow-leaved form, 'Luteus.' It also has a more uniform habit and suckers less.Ninebark is a hardy deciduous shrub with ..
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Model ID: #16
It is likely that no native American evergreen is more prevalent in the North American landscape. Arborvitae is a hardy pyramidal coniferous tree usually cultivated in one of its many shrubby forms. This native of eastern North America has flattened feathery sprays of soft, scale-like, medium to dar..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1516
The showy orange-red flowers of orange campion brighten the garden from June to September. A short-lived, clump forming perennial, it is a hybrid derived from a cross between brilliant campion (Lychnis fulgens) and crown campion (Lychnis sieboldii). And though a hybrid it comes true from seed.The ta..
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Model ID: #420
Oregon grape holly, an upright evergreen shrub, is native to the area from British Colombia south to northern California and not a true holly but more closely related to barberries. The stems are rarely branched and arise directly from underground, running stems. The leaves are pinnate or feather-li..
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Model ID: #11
It is a small, slow-growing tree, to 1,5-2,4 m tall and 0.5 m trunk diameter. The foliage forms in flat sprays with scale-like leaves 2-4 mm long. The cones are 15-25 mm long, green ripening brown in about 8 months from pollination, and have 6-12 thick scales arranged in opposite pairs.The common na..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1044
This poppy is a very ornamental plant that is often cultivated in the flower garden. In cool temperate zones the plant does not produce sufficient of the narcotic principles to make their extraction feasible and cultivation of the plant is perfectly legal in Britain. Plants have ripened their seeds ..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1875
Pale coneflower is an upright perennial wildflower with daisies that resemble pink or white badminton shuttlecocks. This native of eastern North America is a classic prairie forb that favors open meadowlands. The whole plant is linear and elongated, so it looks best planted among bushier plants and ..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1741
One of the signature plants of the vast Argentine plains for which it is named, pampas grass is an imposing, clump-forming, highly ornamental evergreen grass that is grown and naturalized throughout the milder climatic regions of the world. Plants grown under the cultivar name 'Rosea' bear large, sh..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #942
One of the earliest annual flowers to bloom in spring and blooms till the early autumn.These pansies has eyes catching large violet with yellow center accent flowers.Good for beds, borders, graves and garden pots.Prefer cool weather, and often die back and need to be removed when hot weather arrives..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1358
Approximately 150-200 seeds in 0,4g packet.These early-flowering, biennial plants are excellent for bedding, window boxes and patio containers.Prefer cool weather, and often die back and need to be removed when hot weather arrives.The blooms continuously from late spring to late summer in regions wh..
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