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Phlox (Phlox Drummondii Beauty Mixed) 250 seeds (#1027)

Charming, versatile and vibrant with a great variety of colours and shades. Superb planted in beddin..

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Phlox (Phlox Drummondii Moody Blues) 175 seeds (#1510)

Phlox drummondii (Drummond's Phlox) was discovered in 1935 in Texas, USA, by English plant explorer ..

Ex Tax: 1.35€

Phlox (Phlox Drummondii Twinkle Mixed) 200 seeds (#1636)

Long flowering, intricate jewels of colour to sparkle and shine from mixed beds or borders. A truly ..

Ex Tax: 1.19€

Phlox Beauty (Phlox Drummondii Pomegranate) 175 seeds (#1118)

A half hardy annual, flowers the same year as sown.An easy to grow, compact "cottage garden" classic..

Ex Tax: 1.35€

Phlox Beauty (Phlox Drummondii Splendid Mix) 40 seeds (#1227)

Charming, versatile and vibrant with a great variety of colours and shades. Superb planted in beddin..

Ex Tax: 1.19€

Pineneedle Beardtongue (Penstemon Pinifolius) 20 seeds (#1553)

This exceptional dryland perennial will flower for most of the summer and may prove the most long-bl..

Ex Tax: 1.99€

Pink Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus Exaltatus Joey) 8 seeds (#1204)

Totally new genius from Australia, Ptilotus 'Joey' is a herbaceous annual or perennial in tropic cli..

Ex Tax: 2.79€

Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica Appleblossom Pink) 200 seeds (#1490)

A hardy annual up to 20 cm height. Pink flowers appears the same year as sown.Beautiful, contrasting..

Ex Tax: 1.39€

PossumHaw (Ilex Decidua) 50 seeds (#697)

This large deciduous shrub from the southeastern United States takes center stage in fall and winter..

Ex Tax: 0.95€

Puple Amaranthus (Amaranthus Paniculatus Cruentus) 300 seeds (#1176)

Nothing beats this tough, heat-loving annual for big, bold summer bedding displays. This Central Ame..

Ex Tax: 0.95€

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea purple) 40 seeds (#1292)

Who doesn't love this colorful, easy-to-grow garden perennial? Purple coneflower is a hardy herbaceo..

Ex Tax: 1.29€

Purpletop Verbena (Verbena Bonariensis) 200 seeds (#1050)

This short-lived perennial can really take the heat and blooms effortlessly all summer. A native of ..

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Red Elderberry (Sambucus Pubens) 50 seeds (#279)

Lusciously clad in rich green compound leaves, red elderberry forms fluffy ivory flower spikes in sp..

Ex Tax: 0.79€

Redhot Poker (Kniphofia Uvaria) 40 seeds (#1437)

The flowers of this interesting member of the lily family look like tall upright fiery torches of or..

Ex Tax: 0.95€

Redhot Poker (Kniphofia x hybrida Flamenco) 30 seeds (#2007)

Fabulous dwarf plants with long spikes of vibrant colour over strap-like foliage. This hardy and tou..

Ex Tax: 1.85€

Redleaved Ninebark (Physocarpus Opulifolius Atropurpurea) 50 seeds (#612)

This ornamental all year long hardy and vigorous ninebark is popular for its rich dark purple leaves..

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Brand new and high quality plastic plant labels / tags for gardening (plants, trees, flowers).Wa..
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A fast-growing annual with dense foliage on upright stems, Burning bush is showy in autumn as it..
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Easy to grow, tall double flowers with masses of delicate pale stamen that appear sprinkled over..
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Of all the many species of conifer, Brewer's spruce is often considered to be the most beautiful..
Ex Tax: 0.99€
Collected in November, 2018, in Lithuania.This North American native can be quite vigorous and w..
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