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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1981
Easy to grow, enchanting creamy white flowers flourish over finely cut foliage. Lovely in annual borders and in containers.Vibrant flowers provide a striking contrast to the feathery foliage. Flowers the same year as sown.Excellent in annual borders and sown directly into containers for easy colour...
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #937
Vibrant flowers provide a striking contrast to the feathery foliage.Excellent in annual borders and sown directly into containers for easy colour.These are tough and drought tolerant. Full sun and well-drained soil with average fertility are needed for best performance. It is ideal for spring and su..
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Vibrant flowers provide a striking contrast to the feathery foliage.Mixture of bright shades. Richly flowering with large blooms and bushy growth. The flowers only open in sunshine.For borders and rock gardens. Best grows in warm locations, light, well-drained garden soils.Remove dead flowers as Cal..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1993
Easy to grow, stunning two-tone bloomsMainly double and semi-double two tone (red to orange) blooms above feathery foliage. Perfect for annual borders and containers.Remove dead flowers as Californian Poppy is self-sowing. It does not tolerate transplanting.These are tough and drought tolerant. Full..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1704
Campion is a short-lived perennial native to southeastern Europe. It is grown for its old-fashioned, small, flat, white, rose or red flowers. The flowers appear in late spring or summer on tall branching stems above basal clumps of downy, silver-gray leaves.Grow campion in full sun to light shade in..
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Model ID: #319
This small, deciduous tree or shrub with leaves that stay green into late fall. Leaves up to 12-15 cm (5") long, with a petiole as much as 1-1,5 cm (1/2") long; blade ovate to elliptic, sometimes narrow, pointed at the tip and tapered or rounded at the base, margins smooth or with very small, rounde..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #920
Nepeta cataria is the true catnip that is loved by house cats. Although native to Europe and Asia, it has over time naturalized in many areas around the world, including much of southern Canada and the U. S.Catnip typically grows in a spreading clump to 60-90 cm tall. Erect, branched, square, grayis..
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Model ID: #275
This boxwood is a dense, rounded broadleaf evergreen shrub known for its tolerance to pruning, making it great plant for hedges and topiary. It has small, oval, deep green foliage which turns yellow or brownish (bronze) in winter. The tiny fragrant flowers are often visited by bees.Cultivated in Asi..
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Model ID: #334
Chinese holly is a large, broadleaf evergreen shrub native to China and Korea. The squarish, dark green, shiny leaves typically bear conspicuous spines at the tips of their five lobes, although some cultivars have fewer or no spines. Female plants have long-lasting large red berries in fall. The flo..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1345
Berlandiera lyrata, commonly called chocolate flower (also known as lyreleaf green eyes) is native to dry sandy loams, rocky limestone soils, mesas, plains, grasslands and roadsides in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.It typically grows to up to 60 cm tall on branche..
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This tender shrub is usually grown as a half-hardy annual foliage plant. The young leaves of 'Silver Dust' are slightly lobed, a bit like oak leaves, but as the plants mature, they become deeply cut, much paler in colour and are covered in a silvery grey fleece. To encourage new basal growth, flower..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1703
Shrubby cinquefoil is a compact perennial bushy flower with dainty foliage and buttercup-like flowers. This very hardy plant is native across all north temperate regions from Asia to North America. The yellow flowers appear in abundance in early summer and continue more sparsely into fall. They cont..
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