Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila Insignis) 500 seeds (#1031)

Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila Insignis) 500 seeds (#1031)

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This low-growing plant is wonderful in front of borders and as an edging for beds, walkways, and paths. Try it tucked between the paving stones in a patio. Plant it in rock gardens. It's a natural for containers.
All species of Nemophila are annuals, and most bloom in the spring. Their flowers have five petals and are bell or cup-shaped, blue, often spotted or marked.
The leaves are simple, with an opposite or alternate arrangement. The petiole is generally bristly. The leaf blade is pinnately toothed or lobed.
The fruit is 2-7 mm wide and generally enclosed by the calyx. The fruit itself is spherical to ovoid in shape. It is also hairy.
The seeds are ovoid, smooth, wrinkled or pitted. At one end there is a colorless, conic appendage.
Nemophila does best in cool, dry climates where it will grow well in full sun as long as it is kept moist. In warmer regions, it will benefit from partial or dappled shade. In the warmest areas, it should be planted for a spring display.
Baby blue eyes must have good drainage; a light, sandy loam is best.
Transplant plants into the garden after the last frost. Space 20-25 cm apart. Nemophila readily reseeds itself in the garden.
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Genus - Nemophila
Species - Insignis
Common name - Baby Blue Eyes
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Hardiness zones - 3 - 9
Height - 0.15 m
Spread - 0.20 m
Plant type - Annual flower
Exposure - Partial or full shade
Growth rate - Fast
Soil PH - Acid, neutral, alkaline
Soil type - Light, sandy, well drained
Water requirements - Average - high
Landscape uses - Ideal for borders, containers and edging
Bloom season - June - October
Leaf / Flower color - Green / Blue

Sow outdoors where they are to flower 5 mm deep into finely prepared and watered soil.
Seedlings usually appear in 14-28 days.
Thin seedlings to 15 cm apart.
Water well until plants are established.
For a continuous display make sowings at 2-3 weeks intervals.

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