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Canary Creeper (Tropaeolum Peregrinum) 50 seeds (#1270) SOLD OUT
These beautiful flowers are native to South America. Grow as annual in cooler zones (3-8) or per..
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Clean and floated seedsThe showy, colorful fall fruits of scarlet firethorn can’t be beat. This ..
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A decidious Shrub growing to 4m by 3m. It is hardy to zone 6. It is in flower from April to May,..
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Balsam Busy Lizzy (Impatients Walleriana Mixed) 100 seeds (#973) SOLD OUT
Approximately 100 seeds in 0.1g packet.A summer bedding and container favourite, providing masse..
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Trees to 18 (sometimes 50 m) tall with a pyramidal crown. Bark gray, irregularly flaking. Branch..
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