Dragon Spruce (Picea Retroflexa) 20 seeds (#288)

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Dragon Spruce (Picea Retroflexa) 20 seeds (#288)

Picea retroflexa is a species of conifer in the Pinaceae family. It is found only in China.
Rare from China, this large conifer sports stiff green to blue needles in a brush-like arrangement and exfoliating grey bark.
Bonsai suitable. Deer Resistant.
Likes abundant moisture at the roots, if grown in drier areas it must be given a deep moist soil. Succeeds in most soils including those that are wet cold and shallow, but it is not very wind-firm in shallow soils. Intolerant of chalky or poor acid soils. Tolerates poor peaty soils. Prefers a pH between 4 to 6. Moderately shade tolerant. Intolerant of atmospheric pollution. Resists wind exposure to some degree and is tolerant of saline winds. (info source: pfaf.org)

Genus - Picea
Species - Retroflexa
Common name - Dragon Spruce
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Large Tree
Vegetation type - Evergreen
Hardiness zones - 6 - 8
Height - 9-12 m
Spread - 12 m
Growth rate - Medium
Leaf / Flower color - Blue-green / --
Soil PH - Acidic, Neutral
Soil type - Clay, loam, sand, well drained
Water requirements - Average, drought tolerant
Landscape uses - Feature Plant, Hedges, Screening / Wind Break

1. Soak the seeds in room temperature water overnight.
2. Seeds may be planted immediately after soaking. If soaked seeds are not kept in soil, they may be refrigerated for up to 14 days before use.
3. Bury spruce seeds 3-5 mm (1/8") below soil. Cover soil with mulch layer. Keep the vase in a partially shaded place. Water occasionally, so that the soil is always slightly moist.
4. Seed will sprout in three to eight weeks. For one year, keep seedling in partially shaded place. Water occasionally, so that the soil is slightly moist.
After one year, transfer the seedling to a gallon-sized vase or larger, maintaining a balance of dry, clean soil and mulch. The seedling may now be kept in full sun. Continue watering occasionally, so that soil is slightly moist. (info source: eHow.com)

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