Christ's Thorn (Paliurus Aculeatus) 30 seeds (#435)

Christ's Thorn (Paliurus Aculeatus) 30 seeds (#435)

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Paliurus spina-christi, commonly known as Jerusalem Thorn, Garland Thorn, Christ's Thorn, or Crown of Thorns, is a species of Paliurus native to the Mediterranean region and southwest and central Asia, from Morocco and Spain east to Iran and Tajikistan.
It is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 3–4 m tall. The shoots are zig-zagged, with a leaf and two stipular spines (one straight, one curved) on the outside of each kink. The leaves are oval, 2–5 cm long and 1–4 cm broad, glossy green, with an entire margin. The fruit is a dry woody nutlet centred in a circular wing 2–3.5 cm diameter.
The name reflects an old legend that the spiny branches were used to make the crown of thorns placed on Christ's head before his crucifixion.
It is viewed as an ornamental curiosity and is cultivated in some areas spreading its range. (info source:

Genus - Paliurus
Species - Aculeatus
Common name - Christ's Thorn
Pre-Treatment - Not-required, but very recommended
Hardiness zones - 8 - 10
Height - 10'-12' / 3 - 4 m
Spread - 5' / 1.50 m
Plant type - Shrub / tree
Vegetation type - Ornamental deciduous
Exposure - Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth rate - Medium
Soil PH - Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil type - light (sandy), medium (loamy), heavy (clay)
Water requirements - Dry or moist, drought tolerant
Landscape uses - Woodland Garden Sunny Edge; Dappled Shade; Hedge
Leaf / Flower color - Green / Yellow

Seeds can be sown from March to May, but cold and moist stratification for 30-60 days will increase and will make germination faster.
1. Soak in cold water for 24 hours.
2. Cold stratify in moist sand or peat moss for 30 days.
After the stratification sow seeds 5 mm (1/4") deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed. Soil must be wet, but not soggy until germination starts.