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Ornamental Grass seeds

Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1432
Bistort is a vigorous perennial with green decorative leaves with prominent white veins and short, dense, pink to white flowerspikes from summer to fall. Native to Europe and northwestern areas of Asia, it is a clump-forming plant that is semi-evergreen depending on severity of winters. The broadly ..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1659
Blue grama grass is a perennial warm season grass grown for its fine, gray-green leaves and one-sided decorative flowers. A compact grower, it is native to the arid western United States and Mexico where soils are dry and alkaline.Fine, narrow, gray-green leaves emerge in spring. In summer slender s..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #541
Versatile and pretty, blue fescue is an evergreen ornamental bunch grass that originates from North Temperate regions across the globe. It is best known for its dense bunches of fine, erect blades that are blue-green to gray-green. In the summer it puts forth drooping panicles of grassy flowers from..
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This is truly a bold grass for large spacious gardens. It is a tall, dense, clump-forming grass that originates from eastern Asia. Its long slender arching blades are green with thin white midribs and have surprisingly sharp edges that can easily cut skin.In the late summer to fall, plants produce t..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1724
Grows easily and reliably from seeds, this wildflower has dense violet-lavender to rosy purple flower heads, which provide striking vertical form in the perennial wild flower garden. They perform well in average well-drained soils and full sun, yet they also tolerates poor soils and drought. Unbranc..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1426
Fountain-shaped clumps of fine-textured leaves and puffy seed plumes makes the Mexican feather grass one of the most beautiful ornamental grasses for low-maintenance landscapes. This semi-evergreen perennial is native to the southwestern United States (Texas and New Mexico) to central Mexico, with a..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #877
Approximately 100 seeds in 0,1g packet.Also known as Feather Geranium, Jerusalem Oak, and Gooseleaf, weedy plant with green nettle-like flowers.It is an annual grass or flower growing up to 0,80 m in height, with numerous, abundantly leafed shoots. Produces lance-shaped green leaves.Its highly aroma..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1341
Native to tropical Asia.Job’s tears receives its name from the hard shiny tear-shaped structures that enclose the seed kernels. Those beadlike pseudocarps are sometimes used for jewelry and rosaries. Forms of the plant are cultivated as a cereal crop in parts of East Asia and in the Philippines (in ..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1923
East Indian lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is one of the quickest and easiest herbs to grow from seed or divisions. It's also one of the most useful herbs to have in your garden.Plants started early in the growing season will produce many leaves for harvest, and become quite a large plant by the ..
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Brand: Johnsons (Didžioji Britanija \ UK) Model ID: #1741
One of the signature plants of the vast Argentine plains for which it is named, pampas grass is an imposing, clump-forming, highly ornamental evergreen grass that is grown and naturalized throughout the milder climatic regions of the world. Plants grown under the cultivar name 'Rosea' bear large, sh..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #880
Tropical perennial grain, but most often (even in the tropics) grown as an annual.Rice grows quickly in congenial conditions, and by late Summer is full size and fully mature - 40 cm in tall.Grown for its foliage - deep burgundy leaves. You can grow purple-leaved rice in a bed or even in a paddy, bu..
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The real tobacco originates from Central and South America. The fermented, elliptical leaves are used for tobacco products. Thanks to its tall growth, eye-catching white rose, bell-shaped flowers and velvet green leaves it is also a very attractive ornamental plant.Needs similar growing conditions l..
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