The Fastest Growing Trees for Impatient Gardeners

Posted by OMC-Seeds 17/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Plants in your garden,

Tree plays a very important role – it helps to moderate climate, improve air quality, conserve water, and shelter wildlife, etc. But also they protect our properties, homes, yards and gardens from strong and unpleasant winds, heating sunlight. Trees are very important in our over populated urbanized and polluted territories like towns and cities.
Trees are providing privacy, creates beautiful views, complement architecture. Can you imagine any recreational zone, park or living space without it? And finally - everyone really knows about the healing powers of this free medicine our nature brings to our everyday life.
Also, we all are becoming impatient: we want large and beautiful trees in our landscapes, we want them fast. We want to be able to enjoy it within our lifetimes, doing investment not only for our grand­children, but for us.
That is why many home owners have only one goal in mind: to find the fastest-growing tree and to get it in the ground now. But it is also true – what is really fast is not always the best. Many fast-growers come with problems, like weak wood, numerous pests and diseases, invasive roots and a short life span.

Here is a list of some the fastest-growing decorative trees in our catalogue, which can be easily grown from seeds.


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