Four oClock (Mirabilis Jalapa mixed) 10 seeds (#1020)

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Four oClock (Mirabilis Jalapa mixed) 10 seeds (#1020)

Four o’clocks is a large, bushy, tender herbaceous perennial from tropical America. Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in abundance all summer. Flowers open in late afternoon and last until morning. Small, black, ribbed, egg-shaped seed capsules follow the flowers. Large, paired, oval leaves densely clothe the upright stems, which are swollen at their joints. Where hardy, plants die back to tuberous roots after frost and resprout in spring. This plant also often persists by self-sowing, both within and outside its hardiness range.
Four o’clocks do well in reasonably fertile, well-drained soil in full sun, where it often self-sows prolifically. In colder districts, dig and store the tubers in fall or watch for self-sown seedlings in spring. It adds fragrance and color to borders or patio containers. Be sure to place it where its nocturnal flowers will be appreciated.
Four O’Clocks can take some shade, but at least 6 hours of sun is needed for best flowering.
Four O’Clocks ares not particular about soil pH, but does best in a soil that is neutral to slightly acidic. They are heavy feeders, though, and a rich, well-draining soil is ideal.
Information source:

Genus - Mirabilis
Species - Jalapa
Variety - mixed
Common name - Four oClock
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Annual in cooler climates, perennial
Hardiness zones - 4 - 10
Exposure - Full Sun, Partial Shade
Height - 0.60 m
Spread - 0.50 m
Growth rate - Fast
Bloom season - Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall
Leaf / Flower color - Light Green / Pink, violet, yellow, white
Soil PH - Neutral, Acidic
Soil type - Loam, Well Drained
Water requirements - Drought Tolerant, Average Water
Landscape uses - Attractive in groups or as a single specimen in mixed borders or beds. Patio containers. Annual hedge

The easiest method is to direct seed them outdoors, just before your last frost date.
Soaking the seeds over night, before planting, can speed germination, but the seeds germinate almost as quickly as they grow. Chances are god that if you allow your plants to go to seed in the fall, they will self-seed in the garden.
Seedlings can be easily pulled and moved to another section.

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