Butter Daisy (Melampodium Paludosum) 25 seeds (#1921)

Melampodium is a bright and carefree annual flower that is not used nearly enough. Originated in tropical regions of Central and South America, as well as, on some of the islands of the Caribbean. They especially love heat with humidity, but they tolerate dry heat as well.
Also known as a butter daisy, this sun-loving cutie gifts its grower with constant blooms and with a proliferative disposition.
It is a delightful addition to your garden beds, borders, or containers.
Melampodium boasts bright green foliage that contrasts proportionately with its cheerful yellow daisy-like flowers. The flowers have darker yellow centers. The blooms extend an inch across, and they are bounteous. The plant grows up to 20 cm tall and 30 cm or more in width.
It is very beautiful as a wave of yellow color all by itself in a bed. And, you can effectively plant melampodium with other sun loving annuals, like floss flower, for a soft color contrast in a sunny garden. Melampodium will add a guaranteed source of color in your sunny perennial garden, too. You can count on melampodium to fill in with yellow blossoms between the blooms of your irises and the blooms of your rudbeckias.
Information source: www.gardeningchannel.com.

Genus - Melampodium
Species - Paludosum
Common name - Butter Daisy
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Hardiness zones - 4 - 9
Height - 0,20 m
Spread - 0,30 m
Plant type - Annual Flower
Exposure - Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth rate - Fast
Soil PH - Acid (pH 5.5 - 6.2)
Soil type - Average garden soil, well drained
Water requirements - Average
Landscape uses - Ground cover, containers, borders, rock gardens
Bloom season - June - September
Leaf / Flower color - Green / Golden Yellow

Sow seeds from end of February to the beginning of April inside in pots.
Press seeds into the moist soil. Cover lightly with vermiculite or very thin layer of soil. Keep moist.
Germinate at room temperature
Normally germinates within 2 weeks.

Butter Daisy (Melampodium Paludosum) 25 seeds (#1921)

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