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Angels trumpet (Datura Suaveolens White) 6 seeds (#1581)

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The Angel Trumpet is a decorative container plant with large, fragrant flowers. This variety has white flowers. Flowers from August to October.The plant is usually cultivated as a solitary in a large bucket. All plant parts are poisonous. Grow in moist, well-drained soil in full sun with filtered afternoon shade. Prune the plant in autumn and keep..


Balloon Vine (Cardiospermum Halicacabum) 20 seeds (#1610)


Balloon-vine was originally indigenous to the Bermudas, Florida and Texas. Nowadays it grows extensively in India, Africa and South America, Mediterranean. It is regarded as a rampaging weed here. Balloon-vine is cultivated in Switzerland and in southern Germany in wine-growing regions. It is not a hardy plant. Is likely to be cut down by frost, if..


Borage (Borago Officinalis) 80 seeds (#1123)


Borage is an old herb, known at least since Roman times. It is said that borage gladdens the heart, and surely the purple flowers are cheery. But even the small, young leaves are slightly prickly, and the plant may seem rather coarse to a new gardener. Still, it can add color and interest to any garden, and it has value in the kitchen as well. For ..


Chinese Celery (Apium Graveolens Secalinum) 400 seeds (#857)

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Chinese celery (Apium graveolens var. secalinum), is a variety of celery cultivated in East Asian countries for its edible, flavorful stalks and leaves. The stems are thinner than those of regular celery, and curved into round, hollow stalks. Also, unlike with regular celery, the leaves are used as much as the stalks.Chinese celery is used in cooki..


Cineraria (Senecio Bicolor Silver Dust) 100 seeds (#943)


This tender shrub is usually grown as a half-hardy annual foliage plant. The young leaves of 'Silver Dust' are slightly lobed, a bit like oak leaves, but as the plants mature, they become deeply cut, much paler in colour and are covered in a silvery grey fleece. To encourage new basal growth, flowering should be prevented by regularly removing leng..


Cleopatra Needle (Eremurus Stenophyllus Mixture) 10 seeds (#1059)


When in bloom, foxtail lily is a tall, regal perennial that produces feathery spikes of golden yellow flowers in summer. It is native to Central Asia, in countries such as Pakistan and Iran. In the wild, it inhabits dry, rocky slopes in open, sunny areas. A modest fountain of narrow, gray-green leaves is produced in spring, and the flower show begi..


Cockscomb (Celosia Argentea plumosa mix) 100 seeds (#1163)


Summer flower for colorful borders, balcony containers and pots.Celosia argentea commonly called feather celosia, plumed celosia or feathered amaranth are old garden favorites that feature narrow-pyramidal, plume-like flower heads composed of tiny, densely-packed, vividly-colored flowers.Flowers bloom throughout summer into fall (sometimes to frost..


Cornflower (Centaurea Cyanus plena Double mix) 120 seeds (#1196)


Annual Cornflower is excellent, rich blooming cut large flowers with double blossoms on strong stems.Long-lasting blooming time. This mixture has a lasting effect especially through its silver glossy leaves.Can be cut several times. Attracts bees.Plant these in sunny sites with well-drained soil and remove spent flowers to prolong bloom time. Cornf..


Dyer's Tickseed (Coreopsis Tinctoria Tall mix) 160 seeds (#1185)

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Blooming profusely in summer, the Dyer's or golden tickseed is a tall, robust wildflower that is great for naturalizing. Native to the Great Plains of central North America, it is a fast-growing annual or short-lived perennial that becomes covered with flowers from mid to late-summer and sometimes into fall, if plants are deadheaded.Its fine green ..


English Daisy (Bellis Perennis Double mix) 200 seeds (#1628)

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This English daisy with wonderful large double flower heads provide long - lasting colour for spring bedding dispalys, as an edging plant and in garden containers.Preferring cool temperatures, this diminutive perennial struggles in extreme heat, so is best planted in part shade where summers are hot. Otherwise, it can be planted in full sun and sho..


Fernleaf Yarrow (Achillea Filipendula) 300 seeds (#1392)


The tall, bold fernleaf yarrow has lovely foliage and summer flowers. It is a popular perennial that originates from Europe and Asia, but has naturalized across much of North America. Its fragrant, fernlike leaves are green or gray-green and form basal clumps that spread over time. In late spring to early summer it sends up tall, leafy stems topped..


Firewheel (Gaillardia Pulchella Sundance Bicolor) 25 seeds (#1600)

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Annual blanketflower grows readily from seed and is native to the southern United States and Mexico. Its upright, toothed or lobed, bushy gray-green foliage beautifully sets off the showy, daisy-like flowers with dark purple centers. The blooms seem to dance on wiry stems spring to fall. Annual blanketflowers are easily grown in sun and well-draine..


Flame Nettle (Coleus Blumei Black Dragon) 45 seeds (#1294)


Attractive foliage plant, vigorous, easy to grow."Black Dragon" is an especially striking coleus variety. The leaves are red with black edge and much frilled. In autumn the plants produces small, light blue flowers.This variety is especially nice as dot plant but can also be used in mixed baskets or containers.Must be pre-cultivated and transplante..


Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea) 300 seeds (#1037)

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A cottage garden classic, foxglove is a short-lived perennial (commonly listed as a biennial) that is native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe. In spring it produces basal rosettes of soft green leaves. By late spring to early summer tall, upright stems lined with lightly fragrant, tubular, rose-purple to pink flowers appear. These typically h..


French Marigold (Tagetes Patula nana Carmen) 45 seeds (#1257)


Popular annual plant for bedding and in groups. It is long flowering in bowls and containers on balconies, graves and borders. Also used as edging for vegetable beds.For best growth, marigolds require full sun and well drained, rich soil. Regular deadheading will help plants look and flower their best. As an added benefit, research suggests that ma..

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