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The American native shrub, common buttonbush, develops striking pincushion-like flower balls of ivory in summer and early fall. These are followed by pleasing red fruits and russet red autumn leaves. This rounded, deciduous shrub is native to much of eastern North America as well as Cuba and regions..
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A close relative of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), this medium to tall evergreen tree inhabits the mountains of western North America. It is the state tree of Idaho. The long, supple, blue-green needles of this pine occur in bundles of five on reddish-brown, hairy branchlets that age to deep br..
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The carob tree offers deep shade for warm, dry climates. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean where winters are mild and wet and succeeded by a very long, dry season. Adapted to poor, rocky ground that is well drained, it solves a landscaping challenge in the sandy-gravelly soils of desert gard..
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A member of the witchhazel family, this medium-sized, broadleaf evergreen shrub is native to Japan and China. Fragrant, spider-like, white flowers appear in late winter and early spring and sporadically at other seasons. The arching, spherical habit and rich green rounded leaves are attractive year-..
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Chinese holly is a large, broadleaf evergreen shrub native to China and Korea. The squarish, dark green, shiny leaves typically bear conspicuous spines at the tips of their five lobes, although some cultivars have fewer or no spines. Female plants have long-lasting large red berries in fall. The flo..
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Aristolochia debilis is a PERENNIAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 1 m (3ft 3in).It is hardy to zone 8. It is in flower from Jul to August, and the seeds ripen from Sep to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Flies.Suitable for: light (sandy), ..
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Paliurus spina-christi, commonly known as Jerusalem Thorn, Garland Thorn, Christ's Thorn, or Crown of Thorns, is a species of Paliurus native to the Mediterranean region and southwest and central Asia, from Morocco and Spain east to Iran and Tajikistan.It is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing t..
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Prairie rose is a spreading, Missouri-native shrub (to 4' tall) or climber (to 15' tall with support) which typically occurs in moist soils along streams, in prairie thickets, along roads, fencerows, and in clearings throughout the State. Features deep pink, single (5-petaled) flowers (to 2.5" acros..
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Brand: W. Legutko (Lenkija / Poland) Model ID: #1778
Tidytips was formerly found throughout low-elevation dry habitats in California including the Mojave Desert and into Arizona and Utah. In pre-European times this plant was common in solid stands at lower elevations. Found in grassy valley floors, slopes of hills, openings in coastal sage scrub and c..
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Named and grown for its fuzzy spikes of bright red flowers, crimson bottlebrush is a large, spreading, evergreen shrub or small tree native to eastern Australia. It has stiff, flat, narrow, lance-shaped, green leaves which are coppery colored when young and which emit a lemony aroma when crushed. Th..
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One of a number of maples renowned for their handsome white-striped green bark, this small deciduous tree is native to central China. A variable plant, it has an arching or upright, dense or open habit, and small to large, toothed, sometimes shallowly lobed leaves. Fall color may be brilliant or dul..
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Ceanothus integerrimus is a deciduous shrub from 1–4 metres (3.3–13 ft) tall with an open ascending to erect branch habit. It is a drought-tolerant phanerophyte. Nitrogen fixing actinomycete bacteria form root nodules on Ceanothus roots. Its stems are round yellow to a pale green in color with eithe..
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