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Fortunearia (Fortunearia Sinensis) 10 seeds (#302)

Fortunearia is a deciduous shrub or small tree that is native to forest areas in central China. It i..

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Fragrant Wintersweet (Chimonanthus Praecox) 5 seeds (#341)

Break the dreariness of winter with the fragrant flowers that don the wintersweet. Native to the woo..

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Giant Dogwood (Cornus Controversa) 10 seeds (#484) -31%

Giant Dogwood (Cornus Controversa) 10 seeds (#484)

Largest of the world's dogwood trees, and perhaps the fastest growing, giant dogwood has flat cluste..

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Giant-leaf Redbud (Cercis Gigantea) 15 seeds (#535) -30%

Giant-leaf Redbud (Cercis Gigantea) 15 seeds (#535)

Like many of the Redbud species, this one has a rounded form and medium growth rate to about 3,50 - ..

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Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) 50 seeds (#719) -37%

Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) 50 seeds (#719)

Goji is the commercial name for two species of boxthorn, Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. These ..

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Golden Chain tree (Laburnum Anagyroides) 25 seeds (#26) SOLD OUT

Golden Chain tree (Laburnum Anagyroides) 25 seeds (#26)

Brilliant and cheerful strings of yellow flowers drape down from the branches of the golden chaintre..

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Golden Larch (Pseudolarix Amabilis) 15 seeds (#108)

Illuminating the fall landscape with golden yellow needles, golden larch reaches skyward with its ta..

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Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria Paniculata) 15 seeds (#160) SOLD OUT

Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria Paniculata) 15 seeds (#160)

Golden rain tree is a small to medium sized deciduous tree native to China and Korea. The overall sh..

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Gorse (Ulex Europaeus) 30 seeds (#121) SOLD OUT

Gorse (Ulex Europaeus) 30 seeds (#121)

With prickly stems and evergreen foliage, European gorse is amazingly attractive in spring when thou..

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Gray Birch (Betula Populifolia) 200 seeds (#349)

This rugged, cold hardy, short-lived birch from northeastern North America is useful for naturalisti..

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Gray Dogwood (Cornus Racemosa) 20 seeds (#459)

Cornus racemosa, commonly called gray dogwood, is a deciduous shrub which is native to Missouri and ..

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Green Wattle Acacia (Acacia Decurrens) 10 seeds (#204)

Acacia decurrens is a perennial tree or shrub native to eastern New South Wales, including Sydney, t..

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Grey Snakebark Maple (Acer Rufinerve) 15 seeds (#528)

Lovely in all seasons, this small to medium-sized deciduous maple from Japan offers a compact rounde..

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Gumbo file (Sassafras Albidum) 5 seeds (#421)

Known for its distinctive beauty as well as culinary and ethnobotanical history, sassafras is an all..

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Hackberry (Celtis Occidentalis) 20 seeds (#356)

Common hackberry is a deciduous shade tree native to the eastern United States nad extreme southern ..

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Hardy kiwi (Actinidia Arguta) 30 seeds (#300)

Hardy kiwi is a deciduous woody vine that originates from eastern Asia. It is an attractive plant wi..

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One of a number of maples renowned for their handsome white-striped green bark, this small decid..
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Nepeta cataria is the true catnip that is loved by house cats. Although native to Europe and Asi..
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Colorado blue spruce is a medium to large pyramidal evergreen conifer native to the southern Roc..
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Canary Island Pine (Pinus Canariensis) 5 seeds (#792) SOLD OUT
The largest Old World pine, this Canary Islands native makes a striking evergreen tree for garde..
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A sacred tree in its native Japan, this coniferous evergreen forms a handsome broadly conical sp..
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Alderleaf Birch (Betula Alnoides Acuminata) 200 seeds (#691) -51%
Ornamental tree. The bark is reddish-brown and exfoliating. New twigs are purple-red in color.Be..
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American Bladdernut (Staphylea Trifoliate) 5 seeds (#694) -32%
American bladdernut is admirable because of its glossy, attractive, three-part leaves and curiou..
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American Hornbeam (Carpinus Caroliniana) 20 seeds (#577) -39%
A slow-growing, spreading-canopied deciduous tree, American hornbeam is native to southeastern N..
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American Pokeweed (Phytolacca Americana) 25 seeds (#627) -45%
Pokeberry (Phytolacca Americana) occurs naturally in the fields and woodlands of the eastern Uni..
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Amur Chokecherry (Prunus Maackii) 20 seeds (#489) -54%
One of the best small deciduous trees for year-round display, this native of Northeast Asia is p..
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Bailey Acacia (Acacia Baileyana) 15 seeds (#678) -39%
Acacia baileyana or Cootamundra wattle, is a shrub or tree in the genus Acacia. The scientific n..
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Chinese Bean Tree (Catalpa Fargesii) 25 seeds (#644) -25%
Collected in January 2019 in Lithuania (North Europe, zone 5b). Tested germination rate - 90%.A ..
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Christmas Rose (Helleborus Niger) 30 seeds (#543) -33%
A beautiful plant for the shade garden, this semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial is native to th..
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Climbing Wild Rose (Rosa Setigera) 30 seeds (#728) -29%
Prairie rose is a spreading, Missouri-native shrub (to 4' tall) or climber (to 15' tall with sup..
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Crimson Bottlebrush (Callistemon Citrinus) 300 seeds (#672) -24%
Named and grown for its fuzzy spikes of bright red flowers, crimson bottlebrush is a large, spre..
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