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Ivy-leaved Cyclamen (Cyclamen Hederifolium mix) 12 seeds (#1420)

This hardy, durable, low-growing perennial offers charming flowers in late summer and handsome folia..

1.89€ Ex Tax: 1.89€

Japanese Barberry (Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea) 30 seeds (#260)

Purpleleaf Japanese barberry is a dense, vase-shaped shrub that originates from eastern Asia. It has..

0.75€ Ex Tax: 0.75€

Japanese Black Pine (Pinus Thunbergii) 20 seeds (#195)

Japanese black pine, a native of eastern Asia, is an evergreen tree with stiff, dark green, twisted ..

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Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria Japonica) 30 seeds (#224)

The tall, regal Japanese cedar is a lovely needled evergreen tree native to the open forests of Chin..

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Japanese Cornelian Cherry (Cornus Officinalis) 10 seeds (#810)

Japanese cornelian cherry is a late winter flowering shrub that produces tiny clusters of sunny yell..

1.19€ Ex Tax: 1.19€

Japanese falsecypress (Chamaecyparis Pisifera) 40 seeds (#281)

Japanese falsecypress is a hardy evergreen conifer best known for its legions of interesting cultiva..

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Japanese Larch (Larix Kaempferi Leptolepis) 30 seeds (#267) SOLD OUT

Japanese Larch (Larix Kaempferi Leptolepis) 30 seeds (#267)

A tall, pyramidal tree with somewhat drooping and contorted branches, the Japanese larch has finely ..

0.99€ Ex Tax: 0.99€
Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) 15 seeds (#83) New

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) 15 seeds (#83)

The beautiful and ubiquitous Japanese maple is a garden staple. A native of eastern Asia, this mediu..

0.99€ Ex Tax: 0.99€

Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles Japonica) 20 seeds (#21)

Admired for its beautiful spring blooms, Japanese flowering quince is a spiny, compact to medium-siz..

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Japanese Thornless Quince (Chaenomeles Japonica) 20 seeds (#618)

Admired for its beautiful spring blooms, Japanese flowering quince is a spiny, compact to medium-siz..

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Jerusalem Cross (Lychnis Chalcedonica Brennende Liebe) 200 seeds (#1053)

There may be no perennial more attractive to hummingbirds than Maltese cross, with its globular clus..

0.75€ Ex Tax: 0.75€

Judas Tree (Cercis Siliquastrum) 25 seeds (#20)

Cercis siliquastrum, commonly known as the Judas tree, is a small deciduous tree from Southern Europ..

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Kalkora Mimosa (Albizia Kalkora) 10 seeds (#661)

The Kalkora mimosa is one of the most beautiful mimosas because of completely white flowers with a s..

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Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum Japonicum) 30 seeds (#168) -26%

Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum Japonicum) 30 seeds (#168)

Kindly regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and modest of shade trees, the katsura tree has..

0.85€ 0.63€ Ex Tax: 0.63€

Korean Dogwood (Cornus Coreana) 30 seeds (#738)

One of the most beautiful trees.Deciduous shrub or small tree native to eastern Asia in Korea and mu..

0.89€ Ex Tax: 0.89€

Larkspur (Delphinium Grandiflorum Blue) 200 seeds (#1603)

Approximately 200 seeds in 0,5g packet.A low-growing perennial which produces loose sprays of vivid,..

1.15€ Ex Tax: 1.15€
Crapemyrtle is a heat-loving, summer flowering shrub to small tree that originates from China. I..
Ex Tax: 0.75€
The Southern Catalpa (Catalpa Bignonioides) is generally described as a perennial tree. This dic..
Ex Tax: 0.79€
Petunia (Petunia grandiflora Mixed) 120 seeds (#1496) -42%
Petunias are one of the most popular annual summer plants. Their bright colors, lovely scent, fl..
1.49€ 0.86€
Ex Tax: 0.86€
Annual herb, very popular and often grown for different purposes:For flavouring green beans, pic..
Ex Tax: 0.79€
One of the brightest blues available, and very easy to grow.Blue or flaxleaf pimpernel (Anagalli..
Ex Tax: 1.69€
American Angelica Tree (Aralia Spinosa) 50 seeds (#151) -41%
The textural quality of this eastern native's stems and foliage is superb. During winter, a circ..
0.69€ 0.41€
Ex Tax: 0.41€
American Elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis) 50 seeds (#150) -39%
This eastern North American cousin of black elderberry is a medium to large, fast-growing, decid..
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Ex Tax: 0.42€
American Sweet Gum (Liquidambar Styraciflua) 30 seeds (#94) -21% SOLD OUT
The spiny fruits, palmate foliage and stark appearance of the American sweetgum are all unmistak..
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Ex Tax: 0.59€
Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus Umbellata) 20 seeds (#157) -30%
Though native to China, Korea and Japan, autumn olive has become naturalized across all of easte..
0.69€ 0.48€
Ex Tax: 0.48€
Black Berried Elder (Sambucus Racemosa Melanocarpa) 50 seeds (#395) -55%
Sambucus melanocarpa is a deciduous Shrub growing to 4 m (13ft 1in). It is hardy to zone 6. It i..
0.69€ 0.31€
Ex Tax: 0.31€
Black Cherry (Prunus Serotina) 30 seeds (#98) -32%
The largest of the cherries, this fast-growing, medium to large deciduous tree is valued not onl..
0.75€ 0.51€
Ex Tax: 0.51€
Black Locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia) 20 seeds (#32) -31%
Though pretty and fast-growing, black locust is weak-wooded, short-lived and generally weedy. It..
0.89€ 0.61€
Ex Tax: 0.61€
Blackgum (Nyssa Sylvatica) 10 seeds (#49) -21%
Sour gum or black tupelo is an irregular growing deciduous tree native to eastern North America...
1.49€ 1.18€
Ex Tax: 1.18€
Blackwood Acacia (Acacia Melanoxylon) 20 seeds (#228) -32%
One of the largest and most cold-hardy acacias in cultivation, this vigorous, medium-sized tree ..
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Button Bush (Cephalanthus Occidentalis) 20 seeds (#394) -46%
The American native shrub, common buttonbush, develops striking pincushion-like flower balls of ..
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