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Herb seeds

Herb seeds
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Approximately 50 seeds in 0,5g packet. An old-fashioned Eurasian garden herb, angelica was used to ..
The sweet, flavorful seeds and leaves of anise have added delight to gardens and foodstuffs for thou..
A great tasting variety with good bolt tolerance. Enjoy the pungent taste of it and it is a great ad..
Approximately 50 seeds in 1 g packet. This is a large-growing perennial best used towards the back ..
BASIL AROMA 2 F1 - Delightfully aromatic, glossy leaves with a traditional sweet flavour. Plants ar..
Sweet basil is commonly grown as an aromatic culinary and medicinal herb in warm temperate and tropi..
Approximately 100 seeds in 0,5g packet. A mixture of several varieties of basil differing in color ..
Perfect flavour for home-made pesto. Sow and harvest all year long! An RHS Award of Garden Merit wi..
A dwarf, small leaved basil with lots of flavour. The traditional ingredient in pizzas, but just as..
Sweet basil is commonly grown as an aromatic culinary and medicinal herb in warm temperate and tropi..
Aromatic, deep red-purple leaves, wonderful to add color to salads, pasta and pizza. A colorful addi..
Approximately 60 seeds in 0,2g packet. Grown for its attractive, aromatic, edible leaves, this annu..
Malva sylvestris is a species of the Mallow genus. It’s also called “common mallow” and “high mallow..
One of the brightest blues available, and very easy to grow. Blue or flaxleaf pimpernel (Anagallis ..
Borage is an old herb, known at least since Roman times. It is said that borage gladdens the heart, ..
Also called French or Butterfly Lavender. This is an outstanding compact selection, with fragrant ..
A lovely addition to vegetable gardens, edible landscapes, and ornamental plantings, this medium-siz..
Approximately 120-150 seeds in 2g packet. An extremely attractive blend of marigolds with unusual f..
Approximately 200 seeds in 3g packet. True to its name, fiery orange flowers, appears as a surprise..
Approximately 200-250 seeds in 2 gram packet. True to its name, among fiery orange and yellow flowe..
Annual up to 60 cm high. Flowers orange with black centers from May to October. Incredibly easy an..
Easy to grow blooms with a deep red reverse Incredibly easy and rewarding to grow, soft apricot flo..
Approximately 400 seeds in the packet (for 6-8 meters bed). Caraway is a well-known herb that has b..
Nepeta cataria is the true catnip that is loved by house cats. Although native to Europe and Asia, ..