Garden Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Tresca) 60 seeds (#1853)

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Garden Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Tresca) 60 seeds (#1853)

Approximately 60 seeds in 0.05g packet.
The sweet, aromatic red fruit of this low-growing herbaceous perennial are a late spring favorite. Garden strawberries vary greatly in the size and flavor of their fruits, but all bear three-lobed leaves and most form offsets via trailing stems known as stolons. Plants bear round white five-petaled flowers in early to mid-spring, followed by the cone-shaped fruits. Continue fruiting through summer and fall (June - October).
Adaptable to and grown in many regions of the world, garden strawberries like ample sun and moderately fertile, moist, well-drained, acidic to neutral soil. Remove older "mother" plants in spring or after plants bloom, leaving offsets to replace them. Garden strawberries are good choices for culinary gardens, containers, or "strawberry towers."
They are vulnerable to numerous pests and diseases, which should be monitored and controlled if necessary.
Information source:

Genus - Fragaria
Species - x ananassa
Variety - Tresca
Common name - Garden Strawberry
Germination rate - 81%
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Perennial
Hardiness zones - 4 - 8
Exposure - Full Sun
Height - 0,15 - 0,20 m
Spread - 0,30 - 0,60 m
Growth rate - Medium
Bloom season - May - September
Leaf / Flower color - Green / White
Soil PH - Acid, neutral
Soil type - Fertile garden soil, well drained
Water requirements - Average water
Landscape uses - Container, Edging, Edible, Fruit / Fruit Tree, Hanging Basket, Herb / Vegetable

Sow in spring inside in the pots on the moist surface. Tamp the soil, cover with clar plastic or glass. Keep moist in very light position.
Temperature for germination - ~+20-22C.
Germination time - 14 - 20 days.

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