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Plastic Plant tags. Yellow. 10x2 cm. 10 tags (#1757) SOLD OUT

Plastic Plant tags. Yellow. 10x2 cm. 10 tags (#1757)

Plastic labels / tags for seeds and seedlings.Waterproof and durable and much better than paper, woo..

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Seeds sower - for easy sowing (#1593)

This mini seed sower is very useful, then you need to sow even smallest seeds (from 1 to 7 mm).Very ..

Ex Tax: 1.49€

Set of Seeding Tools for seed starting and propagation (#1756)

Great set of tools for seedlings propagation. Can be used to give small potted plants cultivation, f..

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Universal pH testing paper - 80 strips (#403)

The indicator paper set with distinct color PH scale from 1 to 14 for result comparisons:1-3 indica..

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Grown for its beautiful clusters of elongated flowers, butterflybush is a tough medium-sized shr..
Ex Tax: 1.45€
Small, pretty white blossoms in spring, orangey fall color and dark purplish-black berries make ..
Ex Tax: 0.85€
This is a top notch tough perennial for full sun. Catmint is pretty for most of the summer and t..
Ex Tax: 1.39€
Amazing flower for hanging baskets! Long flowering (starts to bloom 3 months after sowing) till ..
Ex Tax: 2.85€
Tibetian Poppy (Meconopsis Betonicifolia) 100 seeds (#1321) New
Well known hardy perennial for its piercing blue flowers but surprisingly rarely seen.It has a r..
Ex Tax: 2.69€