Canary Island Pine (Pinus Canariensis) 5 seeds (#792)

Canary Island Pine (Pinus Canariensis) 5 seeds (#792)

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The largest Old World pine, this Canary Islands native makes a striking evergreen tree for gardens with ample space and minimal frost.
This cold-tender pine bears exceptionally long needles in bundles of three. Young plant have blue-green needles; older plants have bright green foliage. In spring, trees produce tiny male cones and large curved female cones on the previous year's growth. The female cones are covered with fleshy green scales that become woody and gray-brown as they mature. The scales of 2-year-old cones open in summer to release winged seeds.
Narrow in habit when young, Canary Island pine eventually develops an irregular, conical to oval crown with well-spaced, upswept branches and drooping twigs. Its reddish brown, often buff-tinged bark becomes thick, rough, and deeply furrowed with age.
This majestic pine favors full sun and moist, well-drained soil. It tolerates only a few degrees of frost. It makes a splendid specimen for large parks and estates, and also works well as a container plant for sunny conservatories.
Information source:

Genus - Pinus
Species - Canariensis
Common name - Canary Island Pine
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Hardiness zones - 8 - 10
Height - 15 - 24 m
Spread - 6 - 10 m
Plant type - Tree
Vegetation type - Evergreen
Exposure - Full Sun
Growth rate - Medium
Soil PH - acid, neutral
Soil type - Loam, sand, moist - well drained
Water requirements - Average water
Landscape uses - Feature Plant, Tropical, for large parks, estates, container plant

Soak in water for 24 hours.
Sow 1 cm deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed. Keep moist.
Heat & humidity is necessary for germination which may occur in 2-3 weeks.
Keep teh post in very light and warm place or place the seed container on a heat mat under growing lights (14 hours per day). Keep your heat mat on 24 hours per day.
Keep your seedlings indoors for 2-3 months before transplanting outdoors in the spring (May to June).

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