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Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany)

Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1909
Attractively cloaked in deeply lobed leaves, hops produces pine-scented flowers that are widely used to preserve and flavor beer. A fast growing, perennial vine, it is native to North America, Europe and western Asia. The tender new stem tips can also be harvested and cooked as a vegetable.The brigh..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #2075
Piper nigrum is a tropical plant that produces the popular black pepper of commerce that have been used for many years as culinary spices or seasonings. This species is native to southern India and Sri Lanka. It has been used in Indian cooking since at least 2000 B. C. Today, it is commercially grow..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1936
Annual up to 60 cm high.Flowers orange with black centers from May to October.Incredibly easy and rewarding to grow. An excellent variety for borders and for cutting. Medicinal uses. Genus - Calendula Species - Officinalis Variety - Princess Common name - Calendula Pre-Treatment - Not-req..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1901
'Grand View' - selection of beautiful, impressive flowers in a variety of colors. This perennial medicinal herb grows up to 40-60 cm tall and 30-70 cm wide.Showy spikes of bell-shaped, deep violet, violet-blue, blue or pink flowers (to 5 cm long) with maroon spots bloom in dense false whorls atop sq..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1345
Berlandiera lyrata, commonly called chocolate flower (also known as lyreleaf green eyes) is native to dry sandy loams, rocky limestone soils, mesas, plains, grasslands and roadsides in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.It typically grows to up to 60 cm tall on branche..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1934
English Cowslip is a very hardy species of Primrose, bearing upright stems of nodding lemon-yellow flowers in mid-spring.Flowers are very fragrant, making this an old favourite to gardeners that are familiar with it. Certainly an easy Primrose to please, happy in average to heavy soils and a partial..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1933
Imagine a daisy flower that lacks petals. By itself, that central rounded flower disc looks like an eyeball. The peek-a-boo plant's flower is yellow with a large central area of bronzy sienna, looking like an alien eyeball glaring back at you. Native to South America, this tender perennial is most o..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1929
This annual flower grows up to 45 cm tall. Native to North Africa (Algeria), though it has been introduced elsewhere. Not invasive. Easy to grow! Blooms from June to September with cup-shaped white flowers with dark red-black 'eyes'. It's a pretty, alternative hardy annual to sow and is well-suited ..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1360
It is a herbaceous biennial plant growing from a deeply growing, thin, white taproot that is scented like horseradish. In the first year, plants appear as a rosette of green leaves close to the ground; these rosettes remain green through the winter and develop into mature flowering plants the follow..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #1923
East Indian lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is one of the quickest and easiest herbs to grow from seed or divisions. It's also one of the most useful herbs to have in your garden.Plants started early in the growing season will produce many leaves for harvest, and become quite a large plant by the ..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #977
A sticky, perennial herb with underground stems (rhizomes). The hairy stems are upright, growing to about 1 m tallLeaves divided into 9–17 leaflets, held on a leaf stalk 10–20 cm long. The leaflets are arranged in pairs along a central axis, with a single leaflet pointing outwards at the end. Flower..
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Brand: Dürr Samen (Vokietija \ Germany) Model ID: #932
An aromatic herb with showy flowers and an intoxicating perfume reminiscent of tropical fruit salads. The amazing fragrance attracts great interest and it is an elegant plant for the summer border. The flowers open in the morning or evening, closing when exposed to bright sunligh.The Madia elegans p..
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