Monterey Cypress (Cupressus Macrocarpa) 30 seeds (#542)

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Monterey Cypress (Cupressus Macrocarpa) 30 seeds (#542)

Picturesque, windswept specimens of this iconic native of California's Monterey Peninsula are often depicted in art and photography of the area. Narrow and conical when young, this evergreen conifer eventually forms a broad pyramidal tree.
It has deep green scale like leaves, small cones and a very stout trunk.
A favorite in sunny gardens in its native range, this large tree fails in most other regions. Fast growing, sturdy, and quite wind resistant, it makes one of the best candidates for windbreaks along the blustery northern and central California coast.
Where allowed to grow naturally they can reach truly massive proportions and thus may not be suitable for smaller yards.
This is a first class selection for coastal open space, parks and recreational areas.
Information source:

Genus - Cupressus
Species - Macrocarpa
Common name - Monterey Cypress
Pre-Treatment - Required
Plant type - Tree
Vegetation type - Evegreen
Hardiness zones - 7 - 11
Exposure - Full Sun
Height - 15 - 30 m
Spread - 4 - 12 m
Growth rate - Medium
Soil PH - Acid, neutral
Soil type - Clay, Loam, Sand, well drained
Water requirements - Average, Drought tolerant
Landscape uses - Feature Plant, Screening / Wind Break, Shade Trees, Street Trees, Topiary / Bonsai / Espalier

Soak in water for 24 hours.
Cold stratify in airtight bag or container at 0-+4C (in refrigerator) cold and moist for 30 days.
After stratification, sow 2 mm deep in moist soil. Cover with glass or clear plastic.

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