Feverfew (Chrysanthemum Tanacetum Parthenium Snow Crown) 250 seeds (#1954)

Small, fully double blooms make 'Snow Crown' an excellent choice for border edges or cutting gardens.
This vigorous feverfew has pungently scented feathery foliage and survives as a short-lived perennial, meaning it may survive two or three seasons. European in origin, it has also been grown as a medicinal herb to relieve fever symptoms, headaches and arthritis for more than 1000 years. Some still use it for natural herbal medicine today. Wild-type feverfew has a propensity to quickly spread by seed and has become a common roadside weed in temperate regions worldwide, but double-flowered forms like this tend to be sterile or non-seed producing.
Ferny, deeply lobed, bright green leaves clothe the dense, mounded feverfew. The brushed or bruised foliage releases a strong acrid spicy scent. Clusters of tiny double white daisies are held above the leaves in summer. Each flower has tiny, flattened ray florets that surround tubular, yellowish white disc florets. Flowering will often continue into early fall. Bees and butterflies pollinate the blooms and the resulting seeds scatter in the wind to colonize new ground.
Grow feverfew in full to partial sun and average well-drained soil that is not overly moist. Deadhead plants to prolong bloom and prevent self-sowing.
Information source: http://www.learn2grow.com/plants/tanacetum-parthenium-snow-crown/

Genus - Chrysanthemum Tanacetum
Species - Parthenium
Variety - Snow Crown
Common name - Feverfew
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Hardiness zones - 5 - 9
Height - 0,40 - 0,50 m
Spread - 0,60 m
Plant type - Annual / Perennial flower /Herb
Exposure - Full Sun, partial sun
Growth rate - Fast
Soil PH - Neutral, alkaline
Soil type - Clay, loam, fertile, well drained
Water requirements - Average, drought tolerant
Landscape uses - Bedding Plant, Cutflower, Dried Flower/Everlasting, Herb / Vegetable, Mixed Border, Rock Garden / Wall, Wildflower
Bloom season - June- July
Leaf / Flower color - Green / White

Sow seeds inside from April to May or outside after the last frost till the end of June.
Sow on surface. Cover lightly with vermiculite. Light required for germination.
Bets temperature to germinate - +18-+20C. Keep the ground moist but not wet till germination.
germination time - 7-12 days.
Grow seedlings at +16-+18C.

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum Tanacetum Parthenium Snow Crown) 250 seeds (#1954)

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