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All seeds in our catalog are for personal, non-commercial use only and are being sold in small quantities (pieces).

It is the best way to enjoy gardening and willing to grow a decorative, rear plant for your own use and personal garden.
All collections are independently monitored and checked to meet the approved standards. All seeds are non-GMO.
Our store aims to offer you the most pleasant shopping experience!
We sell the finest seeds at prices you won't find anywhere else.
Our goal is to meet YOUR requirements through our commitment to the quality of our products and customer service.

All of the seeds at
OMC Seeds will be sent in clear zip-locked labeled bags or original packets. You can ask for any quantity you want for a special price.

Compare the prices! We are working hard to sell for less and keep the highest level of customer service as well.
Choose a large quantity or bulk offers to pay less.

Choose the seeds and add as many you want from
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OMC Seeds is open 7 days a week to provide a highest level service and support. We always dispatch your orders on the same or the next business day after payment received.

In order to process the orders in a timely manner and to inform the customers about new products, we will request personal data at the moment of registration.

OMC Seeds may from time to time send emails informing customers about new products, new offers and features of the SEEDS STORE.
OMC Seeds will not disclose any data to third parties, except if required to do so by law. No financial information (credit card data) is stored on OMC Seeds Store server, and all payments are processed externally

9 ideas how to make seed starters at home

9 ideas how to make seed starters at home

OMC-Seeds 14/12/2017 0
Most garden centers sell all sorts of little pots, containers and kits that you can use to start seeds. Those work fine, but if you would like to star...
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Seedling Care Tips: Caring For Seedlings After Germination

Seedling Care Tips: Caring For Seedlings After Germination

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It’s that time of year when self-starting gardeners have sown their seeds indoors and are contemplating the next steps. Those tiny little sprouts hav...
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The Fastest Growing Trees for Impatient Gardeners

The Fastest Growing Trees for Impatient Gardeners

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Tree plays a very important role – it helps to moderate climate, improve air quality, conserve water, and shelter wildlife, etc. But also they protec...
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Fast growing plants for privacy hedges

Fast growing plants for privacy hedges

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Sometimes you have to plant a privacy screen fast. Whether you have just built a fence that the neighbours think is unsightly or your neighbour has ...
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