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Elegant and tough, crimson fountaingrass is an attractive warm-season perennial to tender perennia..
€1.99 €1.69
The African hemp, grown as houseplant only, is a tree-like shrub with heart-shaped, soft leaves an..
€2.09 €1.78
A warm-season bunchgrass, Alkali Sacaton Grass has a soft-focus, fine-leaved base clump. As the sum..
€0.89 €0.76
Few plants evoke tropicalia quite like the Brugmansias. With their voluminous tubular elegant whi..
€2.09 €1.78
A great tasting variety with good bolt tolerance. Enjoy the pungent taste of it and it is a great ad..
€1.15 €0.98
Arabian or Arabica coffee is a lovely upright evergreen shrub with graceful gray-barked branches, fr..
€1.39 €1.18
With emerald green to grayish green leaves that look like tiny waterlily pads, Asian ponysfoot is a ..
€0.79 €0.67
Asparagus fern is a tuberous, semi-woody perennial native to South Africa. In its native habitat, it..
€1.09 €0.93
Lotus tetragonolobus is an annual herb native to the warm temperate regions of the Old World. It is ..
€0.95 €0.81
Excellent annual dwarf Aster with double flowers for bedding, pots, edging. Broad, bushy habit. Lo..
€0.95 €0.67
Early flowering annual cut flowers with fluffy, double flowers. Grows well in chalky, rich soil wit..
€0.79 €0.55
Plants from the genus Callistephus are half or full hardy annuals. They are bushy in nature and ran..
€0.85 €0.60
Popular perennial flower for cutting. An excellent addition in flower arrangements with its tiny wh..
€0.95 €0.81
The hairy banana’s upright clumps of big, bold green leaves are upstaged by its showy white and la..
€1.79 €1.52
Musa ensete is commonly called Abyssinian banana. It can be grown easily indoors. But grown outsid..
€2.09 €1.78