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Anthyllis cytisoides is a summer-deciduous shrub of Southern Europe, common in the Balearic Islands ..
Very tall and narrow in form, subalpine fir looks like a green church spire. A cone-bearing evergree..
The American beech is one of the most distinctive and beautiful of the North American hardwood tre..
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American holly is an elegant evergreen tree that's ideal for home landscapes. Its dense branching, p..
A slow-growing, spreading-canopied deciduous tree, American hornbeam is native to southeastern North..
A mature bald cypress is a wonderfully regal tree. This tall, upright, deciduous conifer has exqui..
This dense, narrow, medium to tall evergreen tree from the Balkan Peninsula is prized by gardeners f..
Balsam fir is a tall coniferous evergreen tree native to the northeastern fifth of the United States..
One of America's showiest native trees, bigleaf magnolia has large foliage with silvery undersides a..
This immense deciduous tree bears the largest leaves of all maple species and is spectacular when it..
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Hardy for zones 10-14 (growing outside) or can be cultivated as indoor plant in other zones only. ..
The black spruce is an elegant evergreen tree that is spire-like with drooping branches that upcurve..
Sour gum or black tupelo is an irregular growing deciduous tree native to eastern North America. The..
The beautiful banana yucca is tough as nails. This true desert yucca is native to the sizzling badla..
When looking upon a mature false indigo in bloom it looks much like a small shrub, but it’s truly an..