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Elegant and tough, crimson fountaingrass is an attractive warm-season perennial to tender perennia..
The African hemp, grown as houseplant only, is a tree-like shrub with heart-shaped, soft leaves an..
A warm-season bunchgrass, Alkali Sacaton Grass has a soft-focus, fine-leaved base clump. As the sum..
Approximately 200 seeds in 0.5g packet. A quaint wildflower of the alpine regions of Europe, Asia, ..
Approximately 150 seeds in 0.3g packet. A quaint wildflower of the alpine regions of Europe, Asia, ..
Few plants evoke tropicalia quite like the Brugmansias. With their voluminous tubular elegant whi..
A great tasting variety with good bolt tolerance. Enjoy the pungent taste of it and it is a great ad..
Arabian or Arabica coffee is a lovely upright evergreen shrub with graceful gray-barked branches, fr..
With emerald green to grayish green leaves that look like tiny waterlily pads, Asian ponysfoot is a ..
Asparagus fern is a tuberous, semi-woody perennial native to South Africa. In its native habitat, ..
Lotus tetragonolobus is an annual herb native to the warm temperate regions of the Old World. It is ..
Popular perennial flower for cutting. An excellent addition in flower arrangements with its tiny wh..
The hairy banana’s upright clumps of big, bold green leaves are upstaged by its showy white and lave..
Musa ensete is commonly called Abyssinian banana. It can be grown easily indoors. But grown outsid..
BASIL AROMA 2 F1 - Delightfully aromatic, glossy leaves with a traditional sweet flavour. Plants ar..