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Foxtail Barley, Squirrel Tail (Hordeum Jubatum) 100 seeds (#716)

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Foxtail Barley, Squirrel Tail (Hordeum Jubatum) 100 seeds (#716)

The flat, rolled, or split leaf blades of these clumping grasses are alternately borne on lax to upright, short to tall stems. Leaf color is light- to medium-green or blue-green. In spring or summer, dense, linear to oblong, spike-like clusters of small green flowers appear at the stem tips. The flower spikes are usually ornamented with long conspicuous whisker-like awns, giving them a bristly or feathery appearance. Small woody single-seeded fruits mature within the spent flowers, with spikes typically shattering after the fruits ripen. Plants often self-sow prolifically. Several barleys produce attractive, long-awned, shatter-resistant seed heads which are suitable for dry flower arrangements.
Thought to be native to western and central Asia, this tough, adaptable annual/perennial is grown as a summer or winter crop in most of the world's climatic zones, from the tropics to the boreal regions of Canada and Scandinavia.
Barleys are generally easy to grow, preferring full sun and well-drained soil but tolerating a wide range of conditions. Barley make excellent subjects for naturalistic xeric gardens in areas where they are not invasive. (info source:

Genus - Hordeum
Species - Jubatum
Common name - Foxtail Barley, Squirrel Tail
Germination rate - 90%
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Annual Grass
Vegetation type - Deciduous
Hardiness zones - 4 - 9
Exposure - Full Sun
Height - 1'-2' / 0.30 - 0.60 m
Spread - 1'-2' / 0.30 - 0.60 m
Growth rate - Fast
Bloom season - Summer
Leaf / Flower color - Green, Light Green, Gray Green / Green
Soil PH - Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil type - Clay, Loam, Well Drained
Water requirements - Drought tolerant, average water
Landscape uses - Beautiful small grass for every small garden. Easy to grow.

1. Sow on the surface in well drained soil and keep at room temperature.
2. For fasterer germination, keep covered with clear plastic or glass in a bright place.

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