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Achillea ptarmica is a European species of herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the genus Achil..
The vigorous herb, spearmint, is a hardy perennial that originates from Europe. It is grown for its ..
Approximately 400-500 seeds for 4-5 m bed. Protected variety. Annual herb, very popular and ofte..
Approximately 800-1000 seeds for 4-5 m bed. Annual herb, very popular and often grown for differe..
A popular woodland groundcover, sweet woodruff is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial native to Eu..
Approximately 10-15 seeds in 0,01g packet. While Europeans and North Americans focused their needs ..
The fragrant leaves of tarragon lend herbal sweetness to vegetables, salads and meats. As the medici..
Garden heliotrope, also known as common Valerian and All-Heal, is a clumping perennial with scented ..
Approximately 9-10 seeds in 1 gram packet. Luffa cylindrica  is a very fast growing climber. I..
Green, succulent, oval to broadly elliptical leaves. Should be grown as a water plant. It needs cul..
Approximately 100 seeds in 0,1g packet. The plant is bushy, producing numerous annual, quadrangular..
Perennial plant. It parts have a smell of garlic. Young leaves before flowering or finely chopped b..
Winter savory (Satureja montana) is a perennial herb, native to warm temperate regions of southern E..
Absinth, or wormwood, is a clump forming, woody, perennial that is native to Europe and Asia. The ar..