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Easy and fast growing, the baby leaves add colour and heat to salads. Larger leaves become more inte..
Very attractive leaves with a mildly spicy flavour. Can be harvested from baby leaf to fully mature ..
Easy and fast growing leaf vegetable that is slow to bolt. Widely used in many Asian dishes. The ba..
This beautiful evergreen shrub or small tree offers beauty, fragrance and drought resistance for mil..
The beauty of this herb is that it is as effortless to grow as it is flavorful and culinarily useful..
Common Wormwood is an herbaceous perennial that originates from areas across Europe, Africa, Asia an..
Approximately 300-400 seeds for 7-8 square meters bed. Flat-leaf type with long stems and large p..
Approximately 250-300 seeds in the packet for 4-5 meter bed. This Italian flatleaf parsley cultiv..
Approximately 300-400 seeds for 7-8 square meters bed. A high - yielding, thick variety with stif..
Approximately 300 seeds in the packet for 5 meter bed. Petroselinum crispum 'Moos krause 2' or Pars..
Approximately 30 seeds in 0.1g in packet. Pulsatilla vulgaris is native to Europe (Great Britain an..
Approximately 40 seeds in 0.1g packet. Pulsatilla vulgaris is a dark red-flowered pasque flower tha..
Pulsatilla vulgaris is a white-flowered pasque flower that is native to Europe (Great Britain and Fr..
This aromatic member of the mint family has long been known as fleabane because the its oils repel t..
This Mint is the ideal strain for long drinks with excellent taste. Simple cultural and permanently..