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Beefsteak Plant (Perilla Frutescens) 60 seeds (#1472)

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Beefsteak Plant (Perilla Frutescens) 60 seeds (#1472)

Approximately 60 seeds in 0,2g packet.
Grown for its attractive, aromatic, edible leaves, this annual from eastern and southern Asia is becoming increasingly popular for both ornamental and culinary gardens.
Its oval, medium green, often purple-flushed leaves are paired along erect stems that are square in cross section. The spicily flavored leaves have deeply toothed margins that in some forms are ruffled and crisped. In summer, thin spikes of tiny white flowers appear at the stem tips. An abundance of seed follows, often resulting in prolific self-sowing. This annual is most often available in its purple-leaved forms, such as variety crispa, with curly bronze-purple foliage and pinkish flowers. Other varieties with variously flavored or colored foliage are available.
Grow perilla in fertile, moist, well drained soil in full to partial sun. Its handsome coleus-like leaves make a great filler in flower beds or containers, and add visual interest to the vegetable garden. Start plants from seed in spring, and pinch stem tips to force bushier growth.
Add perilla leaves to salads for a colorful cinnamon- or ginger-flavored accent. In Asia the foliage, seeds, and flowers serve many medicinal, culinary, and other uses.

Genus - Perilla
Species - Frutescens
Common name - Beefsteak Plant
Germination rate - 91%
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Annual flower
Hardiness zones - 3 - 9
Exposure - Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Height - 0,60 m
Spread - 0,25 - 0,50 m
Growth rate - Fast
Bloom season - July - October
Leaf / Flower color - Purple / White, Light Pink
Soil PH - Acid, neutral, alkaline
Soil type - Clay, Loam, Sand
Water requirements - Average
Landscape uses - Bedding Plant, Container, Edible, Herb / Vegetable, Mixed Border

Seeds are very tough and sturdy. You can just seed them in your garden where you want them to grow, but they may take a long time to germinate that way, perhaps 3 to 4 weeks, and quite a few of the seeds may fail.
Sow from February to April inside.
To ensure that most of your shiso seeds germinate, soak them in water for 24 hours before seeding. Pour them on the seed bed and water.
Seeds germinates in 7-14 days.
You can sow shiso indoors to give them a start.

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