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Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Berfena) 50 seeds (#1148)

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Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Berfena) 50 seeds (#1148)

Protected variety.
It seeds are used in tea for sromach and intestinal trouble and as cough-relieving medicine.
As culinary herb: the leaves flavour salads, sauces and are used for pickling as well as seasoning of bread and cakes.
Foeniculum vulgare is an upright, branching perennial that is typically grown in vegetable and herb gardens for its anise-flavored foliage and seeds, both of which are commonly harvested for use in cooking.
It somewhat resembles a very large dill plant. It grows to 1m tall and features feathery, compound, aromatic, yellow-green leaves with needle-like segments and tiny yellow flowers in large, flattened, compound umbels.
Flowers bloom in mid- to late summer, and are followed by aromatic seeds. Plants have escaped gardens and naturalized in many parts of North America. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies.
Fennel is a larval plant for certain swallowtail butterflies.
Good for borders, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, cottage gardens or meadows. Good plant for a butterfly garden.
Easily grown in moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun. May be grown from seed that is sown directly in the garden in spring. Freely self-seeds in the garden. Remove spent flowering stems before seed is produced to avoid any unwanted self-seeding.
Info source:

Genus - Foeniculum
Species - Vulgare
Variety - Berfena
Common name - Fennel
Germination rate - 83%
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Plant type - Biennial
Hardiness zones - 4 - 9
Exposure - Full Sun
Height - 1 m
Spread - 0.40 m
Growth rate - Fast
Bloom season - June - July
Leaf / Flower color - Yellow-green / Yellow
Soil PH - Acid, neutral, alkaline (pH 4.8 - 8.2)
Soil type - Moist, organically rich, well-drained
Water requirements - Average
Landscape uses - Borders, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, cottage gardens or meadows

Propagation by seed is easy. Plants self-sow readily.
Sow seeds where you want them in the garden in spring as early as possible (depending on your location from March to May) or fall.
You can also start seed inside from February.
Soak seed for 4 to 5 days to increase germination.

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