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for erosion control

Urban building, natural forces and heavy traffic can wreak havoc on the landscape, causing erosion and loss of topsoil. Reducing soil erosion is important to preserve nutrient-rich soils and natural or unnatural configuration of the topography. Using plants for erosion control is an excellent biological method to safeguard the landscape and the shape of the land. There are many types of erosion control plants, but preventing erosion with native plants complements and accents the natural landscape. Native plants also need less specialized care and maintenance.
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An evergreen Tree growing to 18m at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone 8. It is in leaf all year, in..
Beautiful white daisies cover it early in the season. These are borne on low-growing plants that are..
This eastern North American cousin of black elderberry is a medium to large, fast-growing, deciduous..
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American holly is an elegant evergreen tree that's ideal for home landscapes. Its dense branching, p..
The American sycamore is a grand, picturesque tree if well placed in the landscape. This large decid..
€0.99 €0.59
Vigorous in growth and setting seed, Amur honeysuckle is a tough and cold hardy shrub with fragran..
Vachellia caven or Acacia Caven has many common names - Roman Cassie, Aromita, Aromo Criollo, Caven,..
Ninebark is a hardy deciduous shrub with long-lasting flowers and fruits and exfoliating bark. This ..
A mature bald cypress is a wonderfully regal tree. This tall, upright, deciduous conifer has exqui..
Small-flowered pansy is an annual plant. Grows up to 20 - 35 cm. Small yellow flowers bloom from ..
Sambucus melanocarpa is a deciduous Shrub growing to 4 m (13ft 1in). It is hardy to zone 6. It is i..
Small, pretty white blossoms in spring, orangey fall color and dark purplish-black berries make blac..
Grown for its attractive flowers, handsome trouble-free foliage and showy fall color, this deciduous..
Rich golden blooms are highlighted by prominent green central cones. Beautiful in borders and as cut..
Sour gum or black tupelo is an irregular growing deciduous tree native to eastern North America. The..