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Acer elegantulum is a rare deciduous tree or shrub. This maple has deeply lobbed green to reddish le..

Arctostaphylos viscida is a species of manzanita known by the common names whiteleaf manzanita and s..

The northernmost representative of the otherwise tropical fruit family, Annonaceae, pawpaw is belove..

An evergreen Tree growing to 45m at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone 10. It is in leaf all year, in ..

Very close to extinct in it's native China this is one of the worlds rarest trees and is a close rel..

This is a tough succulent perennial that blooms over an incredibly long season once temperatures ris..

A soft, graceful presence in the garden, this small hardy deciduous tree from eastern Asia produces ..

Dill is an annual Eurasian field plant that is quite short-lived but very easy to grow outside in ..

A dwarf, small leaved basil with lots of flavour. The traditional ingredient in pizzas, but just ..

This is truly a bold grass for large spacious gardens. It is a tall, dense, clump-forming grass th..

Numerous slender flower spikes smothered in small white blooms. Wonderful for the border and as a..

Approximately 400-500 seeds in 1 g packet. They are bushy in nature and grows up to 60-70 cm in h..

This short-lived perennial can really take the heat and blooms effortlessly all summer. A native ..