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One of the best small deciduous trees for year-round display, this native of Northeast Asia is prize..
Sometimes listed as Acer tataricum, Amur maple is a small, low-branched, deciduous tree native to ea..
An evergreen Tree growing to 30m by 8m at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone 6. It is in leaf all year..
Though pretty and fast-growing, black locust is weak-wooded, short-lived and generally weedy. It is ..
Border privet is a spreading, deciduous shrub from Japan. It has small, oval to elliptical, dark, gl..
Actinidia chinensis or Golden Kiwi is a climbing shrub from China. The edible fruit is less hairy w..
This boxwood is a dense, rounded broadleaf evergreen shrub known for its tolerance to pruning, makin..
Tsuga chinensis is an evergreen Tree growing to 45 m (147ft 8in) at a slow rate.It is hardy to zone ..
At its showiest, few shrubs are as pretty and effusive as the common smokebush. Its small flowers pr..
A sacred tree in its native Japan, this coniferous evergreen forms a handsome broadly conical specim..
it is culinary edible bean that is cooked or fried before use, with both astringent and diuretic pro..
This Italian Cypress is one of the more impressive cultivars. Pencil-thin and conical, reaching heig..
Japanese falsecypress is a hardy evergreen conifer best known for its legions of interesting cultiva..
Ostrya japonica is a deciduous tree with a rounded habit. Its mid green leaves are ovate to lanceola..
The Korean boxwood is known for its excellent winter hardiness and tolerance to pruning and shearing..